Let’s Face It. It’s Been a Sh!tty Year. But We Can Polish This Turd.

Have you ever been more ready to flush a year down the toilet? We’re with you. We may not be able to wipe away all of 2020’s 💩, but we can start fresh and set a new tone in 2021.

To polish this turd, we’re transforming our canceled holiday party into meals for those in need. We’ll be giving our holiday party funds to food banks in Reno and Las Vegas to ensure everyone has access to the essentials. We’re also going one step further and adopting several families over the holidays as a team, to ensure no one has to go without.

Looking Toward A Less Crappy Future

Did you know that 46.3 million meals are needed each year to feed the food insecure in Las Vegas? Or that 58% of those in need in Northern Nevada must choose between food and a roof over their heads? These aren’t the kinds of numbers we like to see, so we’re going to pitch in.

Once we saw what a difference repurposing our holiday party budget could make, it was a no brainer.

Data obtained from Three Square, Food Bank of Northern Nevada and Statista.

The Organizations Who Give a Crap

All over our great state there are organizations who work tirelessly to make the world a better place and help those who need it most. Let’s celebrate the phenomenal work they do.

Food Bank of Northern Nevada

Working with 147 partner agencies, the Food Bank of Northern Nevada provides nutritious food to over 100,000 hungry people each month. They accept donations of food, time and monetary gifts, year-round. Start giving.

Three Square

Working with a network of community partners, Three Square distributes over 41 million meals annually to food insecure residents of Southern Nevada. Explore the many ways to help the organization in real time. Donate now.

Other Worthwhile Organizations

As part of our Noble Deeds program, we give 1% of our total annual hours to Nevada nonprofits. We have worked with these phenomenal organizations over the last couple years and we hope you’ll join us in donating time or money to these worthy causes.

Unroll the Holiday Spirit With Us

As we chuck deuces to 2020, let’s wipe away the crap and start the new year fresh and clean. Join us in giving away your holiday party budget to food banks in your area.