Noble Studios Announces Promotions and Focuses Agency on Creative Digital Performance Marketing

RENO, Nev.– Noble Studios, a creative digital performance marketing agency, recently announced a new partner, Chief Creative Officer and Managing Director B.C. LeDoux, and promoted Vice President of Performance Marketing Chad Hallert.

A veteran of the advertising industry, LeDoux leads creative across the organization from the Las Vegas office. Hallert leads digital performance services, including SEO, paid media, CRO and analytics for all of Noble Studios’ clients.

“Chad has helped build an incredible performance team for Noble, founded on the idea that we should always strive to make existing best practices ‘better practices,’” said Jarrod Lopiccolo, Noble’s CEO and co-founder. “His vision for constantly evolving leading-edge digital marketing solutions combined with our addition of B.C. as a partner and chief creative officer, adding his experience in brand strategy and creative storytelling, has us extremely excited for our future as a creative digital performance agency.”

These strategic moves are important as Noble Studios evolves to stay ahead of the future of digital marketing because the agency needs the right leaders to bring this new vision and forward-thinking approach to life in the crowded digital marketing space.

The crux of creative digital performance marketing is the passionate pursuit of “better practices” (best practices are no longer enough), as performance and creative teams work closely together to leverage both right-side and left-side-of-the-brain thinking to hypothesize, analyze, iterate and create outside-of-the-box solutions.

At its heart, creative digital performance is derived from the user experience philosophy of balancing a customer’s needs and objectives with a company’s needs and objectives–a nod to Noble’s origins as a web development company–and the ultimate understanding that users are people.

Communicating with customers in the digital age is about people, not personas. People are emotional decision makers who are inundated with information daily, so the more we as digital marketers can understand “people’s” real-time emotional needs and intent, and engage with them meaningfully, the more we can be useful rather than painful. We have to connect to convert.

“Creative digital performance will change the industry,” continued Lopiccolo. “Thanks to our experts in creative and performance marketing, we are already seeing our collaborative approach create better products, from content-first websites with growing conversion rates to video ads that engage the right audiences for a longer period of time. I can’t wait to see what we’ll be able to do in the future.”

You can learn more about Noble Studios’ creative digital performance marketing focus here.

We’re obviously using the old “creative versus performance” stereotype to have a little fun with each other. That’s how we roll! The truth is, though, at Noble Studios, we work hard to make sure our creative and performance teams use each other’s skills to create better practices. And, of course, better jokes about each other.