Noble Studios Turns 15

Noble Studios 15

July 2018 marked Noble Studios’ 15th birthday. If the company was human, it would be psyched to get its driver’s permit soon, have a big acne-covered mug, probably suffering through an AP history class and wearing an outfit it will somewhat definitely regret in a decade. (Can you spot your favorite, awkward 15-year-old Noblebot in the collage?) Like any young adult, we’ve had our fair share of growing pains, but we’re turning into fine, upstanding members of society who use curse words as a standard part of our vocabulary. (Sorry, Mom!)

Noble started in Season and Jarrod’s home–a single-laptop company with a dream. In its infancy, our co-conspiring co-founders used their passion and personalities to work with companies like Autodesk–one of our first clients–on web development projects. With the support of their new clients and community, Noble Studios outgrew the spare room and the company moved into its first office in Carson City.

In that office, the first wave of Noblebots joined the brigade. Their badass skills, unrelenting work ethic and overwhelming enthusiasm for the work fueled the company forward and into our current headquarters in downtown Reno.

“Fifteen years in business has reminded me how important community and people are to growth and success,” said Noble Studios’ Co-founder and COO Season Lopiccolo. “Jarrod and I are so grateful we were able to build Noble in Nevada and work with amazing people–those still with the company and beyond. They shaped our mission for being better every day. I am truly excited about the next 15 years as our relationships are only stronger, wiser and a shit-ton more impactful.”

Now, as a company of nearly 50 employees operating in two countries–the U.S. and the U.K–Noble is so much more than a web development company. With the help of veteran Noblebots, we became a full-blown creative digital performance marketing agency with offices in Reno, Las Vegas, San Francisco and Bristol. We offer services from website builds and content strategy to brand development and digital marketing. We work with household names like TravelNevada, Adobe, Visit Reno Tahoe, Tahoe South, Niantic Group, The Islands of Tahiti, Yosemite Mariposa County and Newport Beach.

“With hard work and a little bit of luck, we’ve been really fortunate to work with clients across industries from higher education to travel and tourism,” said Jarrod Lopiccolo, co-founder and CEO of Noble Studios. “We would still be back working in our spare room if it weren’t for the incredible brands that collaborate with us every day and challenge us to innovate and evolve. I know it’s just the beginning for Noble.”

We’ve accomplished a lot during 15 trips around the sun. But we don’t rest on our laurels. Our culture is about constant improvement, so we’re already cooking up ideas for the next 15.

You might be wondering, “What the hell is creative digital performance?” It’s the passionate pursuit of “better practices” by combining data and creativity. It’s the unapologetic drive to marry the strengths of right and left-brained skills. It’s the perfect environment for wild bears, which are always hunting for their next meal. (FYI: Noblebots, aka wild bears, are the direct opposite of zoo bears that lay in the sun and wait for their lunch on a silver platter.) We aspire to invent and iterate just like Thomas Edison, who said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Everything we create, from digital strategies to brands, websites and digital marketing programs, challenges the status quo without fear of failure.

This philosophy comes to life through our interdisciplinary teams, known as PODS (Performance Optimizing Digital Solutions), which support clients by being experts in their respective disciplines and on the brands they work with. We transitioned to this structure less than a year ago because we realized that, in order to most effectively and efficiently provide our clients with solutions, we needed to get as many different types of thinkers as close to our clients, and their challenges, as possible.

“Today’s marketing challenges require a different mindset and skill set,” suggested Chief Marketing Officer Michael Thomas. “We analyzed what can make our approach and results better. Giving our clients this new nimble team approach allows us to deliver better integrated solutions at a faster pace.”

In this new era, Noblebots rally around one simple idea: Let’s be better every day. For ourselves. For the agency. For our clients. For the world. It’s at the heart of everything we do from the time we wake up to the time our heads hit the pillow. It’s a lifestyle. It’s whiteboarding sessions and mid-day coffee runs to turn dreams into results. It’s offering web development and then strategic services, and realizing adding content and brand development services will make all the difference in client success. It’s getting our hands dirty and saying, “We’re just getting started. You can’t imagine what’s coming in 2033.”

“I have only been here for a fraction of the first 15 years, but I couldn’t be prouder of what Noble Studios has done up to this point,” said CCO and Managing Director in Las Vegas B.C. Ledoux. “It’s an amazing agency with a bunch of badass ‘wild bears’ who want to be better each and every day.”

We’d like to thank our clients who have trusted us with their brands over the years for getting us to this point as well as all the Noblebots past and present. We look forward to the future and what the next 15 years will bring.