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Lauren Hober

Lauren Hober

Client Success Manager

When our clients need a trusted resource to navigate projects, Client Success Manager Lauren Hober fills those shoes.

Lauren is passionate about creating exceptional customer experiences and thrives on business relationship development. She is a go-to for communicating client goals with our team of digital marketing experts. Involved in everything from scoping projects and managing retainers to advocating for clients, she’s a force to be reckoned with. In true “wild bear” fashion, Lauren anticipates clients’ needs and loves to noodle how Noble Studios can assist them with future projects.

Before joining Noble Studios, Lauren worked at a large outdoor gear company where she quickly climbed the ladder from customer service to sales. Lauren is a Nevada native and a graduate from the University of Reno where she double-majored in journalism and French & speech communications. Needless to say, with her phenomenal communication skills, as well as her knack for creative problem solving and can-do attitude, Lauren fits right in at Noble Studios.

A self-declared bookworm, Lauren devours all forms of fiction in her spare time. She also loves spending time with friends and nurturing those close relationships; staying true to her Client Success Manager roots. When she isn’t traveling with friends to far flung places, you’ll find her lazing by a pool in her hometown of Las Vegas.


“Life has ups, life has dips, at least we have potato chips.”