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A Creative Spark for Educators

To capture an audience’s attention, sometimes you have to make a splash. For the visual creation pioneers at Adobe, we took the “Go Big or Go Home” approach, creating a custom welcome kit designed to inspire teachers to share Adobe Creative Cloud applications in their U.K.-based classrooms.

A Creative Spark for Educators

Giving Students a True Head Start

Until very recently, creative design tools were only available to those inside the digital media industry. This meant that young students — the very ones who would be working in creative fields one day — did not have a chance to become immersed in skills that would prove valuable later in life. Adobe set out to change this with its Education Exchange, a program that delivers free creative courses to students across the U.K. The missing piece was how to get the word out to educators in an engaging way.

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Key Opportunities

Turn teachers into classroom evangelists for Adobe software and tools

Promote digital literacy through modern creative tools

Bring to life a Creative Cloud welcome kit focused on education, engagement and inspiration

Want to Inspire Students? Inspire the Teachers First.

Initial Concepts

For students considering careers in digital media, it’s important to gain early exposure to the tools they’ll eventually use. We conceptualized a physical welcome kit to be distributed to U.K.-based secondary teachers with the goal of inspiring students via engaging exercises and projects. The idea was to get the teachers excited about Adobe and this excitement would filter down to the students.

We knew the box had to “pop” to make a solid first impression. Using detailed schematics, we designed the box so that it would continue to surprise and delight teachers as they progressed through the unboxing.

The Spark of an Idea

Considered the free gateway app to the Creative Cloud, Adobe Spark offers students the opportunity to embrace their creative sides by creating webpages or videos for class assignments. It’s a far cry from the days of writing lengthy papers. Now with Spark, students can share their work on a visual level that blows the average term paper out of the water.

With this in mind, we made it goal number one to show teachers how students could use Spark in a real-life classroom setting. We created double-sided flashcards to tell this story through short, easily digestible projects.

Promote digital literacy through modern creative tools

Making Everyone Feel Welcome

A welcome kit can work wonders for a brand, but only if it’s sharable and engaging. Featuring desktop calendars, breakroom posters, brochures, flashcards, a thumb drive and coffee mug, the kit ensures teachers will find at least one item they could identify with. Whenever teachers glanced at their favorite item, they’d be reminded of how powerful Spark is for hands-on classroom learning.

In the end, the design reflected the innovation and inspiration of the Adobe brand while embracing the playfulness of youth and education.

Adobe also added the incentive of a paid vacation for several lucky teachers who received the kit. With a dedicated landing page for the content, teachers only needed to sign up for Adobe’s education themed newsletter to be entered.

An Unforgettable First Impression

While most people are aware of the Adobe brand, many tend to associate it with Acrobat, the handy and ubiquitous PDF reader that comes bundled with computers. The welcome kit would have to make a bold statement about Adobe’s growing emphasis on its Creative Cloud products.

Each element was carefully placed in the kit so that, as the teacher opened it, they would learn about the power of Adobe Spark as they moved through the contents.


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Injecting New Life into Classic Lessons

The flashcard projects are designed around already familiar topics such as “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,” as well as British values and school trip journaling exercises. This allows students to dive straight into the creation process which spotlights the power of Adobe Spark for those with no prior design or content creation experience.

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