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Brand Strategy & Brand Services

Our brand strategy and identity development services help you create a brand that thrives in a digital-first, modern marketing landscape. That starts by creating a brand platform and positioning that defines what you stand for, how you benefit people and why you stand out.

A Digital-First Branding Agency

A Digital-First Branding Agency

We believe a brand should perform for an organization. It’s not just a logo. It’s not just a tagline. It’s not just marketing or a set of guidelines in a book that sits on a shelf. It’s the essence of who you are as an organization. Your spirit.

For a brand to truly be a Performance Brand, it has to be rooted in truth, simplicity and emotion.

Truth — A brand strategy and positioning have to be based in reality, otherwise the “bullshit detector” will go off quickly internally and externally.

Simplicity — We don’t mean simplistic. There should be depth and dimension as well as clarity. If it’s clear, an internal team will know exactly how to leverage it, messaging and visual identity will come to life in amazing ways and customers will intuitively know what the organization stands for.

Emotion — Brands create transformational relationships, and that happens by building emotion into your brand.

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Considering updating your organization’s branding efforts? Our team brings vast experience in logo design, branding, positioning statements, messaging and more. Get in touch with us to see how we can help.

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Marketing that Resonates

How will our Performance Brands process help your organization in this digital-first world? Going through our process to build a solid brand platform will become the foundation of your organization for years to come  — helping you make business decisions, guide behavior and create marketing that drives action.

Marketing that Resonates

A United Front

A united internal team rowing in the same direction, because they all speak the same language and understand what your organization stands for, how it benefits people and why it stands out. 

Consistent Messaging

Brand messaging and visual identity that is consistent, engaging and truly reflects who you are and what makes you special.

Unique Value Propositions

A brand position that creates differentiation or distinction within your competitive set, so people understand why you are a better choice for them.

What Our Partners Think

  • 5 / 5 ★★★★★
    ” Noble Studios never came across as a typical agency. They were very available, responsive, and thorough in their deliverables. They expressed a real commitment to our success and were always looking out for our best interests. ”
    Cheryl Bagby VP of Sales & Marketing, Central Coast Tourism Council
  • 5 / 5 ★★★★★
    ” Their relationship building really stands out. They’re also flexible and have been very upfront with what they can and can’t deliver. They’ve had great communication and their work is excellent. ”
    Greg Sanders CEO, Rail Delivery Services
  • 5 / 5 ★★★★★
    ” The quality of Noble Studio’s work was phenomenal. Our website is beautiful… The video still gives me goosebumps every time I watch it. The website is so easy to use because all the information and resources are accessible.    ”
    Rachelle Pellissier Executive Director, Crisis Support Services of Nevada
  • 5 / 5 ★★★★★
    ” They worked with us to conduct some prelaunch testing of the UI … They distinguish themselves in rising to the occasion on some very unique challenges from us. ”
    Chris Lange Head of Product , Healthy Lifestyle Brands

Our Services

When you’re authentic, customers will feel that and connect with it. We know consumers click more, visit more, watch more and spend more when they feel something. Connection leads to conversion. Here’s a look at our brand-related services.

Our Services
“It’s not enough to be the best at what you do.
Jerry Garcia
You must be perceived as the only one who does what you do.”

Creating a Digital Brand Identity

Creating a Digital Brand Identity

Brand Research

Noble Studios conducts both primary and secondary consumer research to help inform on brand awareness, perception and sentiment. We achieve this through online surveys, focus groups, social listening, “secret shopping” and more.

Brand Strategy and Positioning

Our brand strategy process helps you develop a brand platform, which acts as your brand’s — and your organization’s — North Star. It ensures your team and your partners are all rowing in the same direction by developing and defining your brand purpose, brand vision, brand personality, brand values, brand promise and brand positioning.


Naming a company or product can be an intensive and extensive process, filled with subjective opinions and emotions. Sometimes the magical name happens quickly, but often it takes many options and many rounds to find that perfect, unique, trademarkable fit.

Brand Messaging

Brand messaging is the art of taking the behind-the-scenes strategic language and translating it into something poetic enough for public eyes and ears. And in this case, it is the poetry of distillation and simplicity that makes for brilliance in a Performance Brand. We do this through brand mantras, mission statements, brand scripts and voice/tone guidelines.

Brand Lines

A strong brand line can act as a brand’s unifying force across disparate digital marketing channels, allowing for companies to leverage the distinct strengths of these various channels while maintaining a consistent thought, always making it clear what a brand stands for.

Positioning Statements
In a cluttered, littered world where messages barrage us constantly, it’s so important that a company can succinctly explain what its digital brand stands for and what its unique brand promise is to its customers. It’s important that these things can be quickly and clearly stated on a website, and by employees, so customers instantly understand. A position statement should dig a little deeper than a brand line, explaining what makes a brand unique.
Positioning Statements
Visual Brand Identity
Just like with the naming process, a brand platform gives rise to compelling branding and brand identity design. We start this segment of our digital branding services with digital-first design thinking — often mobile-first — because ensuring that a complete brand identity performs well across all digital channels within the modern digital landscape is crucial.
Visual Brand Identity

A logo cannot, and should not, deliver a brand’s entire message. But it can convey a personality, help enhance a feeling of connection and begin to tell a brand’s story. Your brand strategy and personality will often dictate whether your brand calls for a simple wordmark or lettermark logo, a more conceptual icon mark, an emblem mark or a combination.

CCTC logo design
SPCA logo design
Yes & logo design
RDS Truck branding
great basin national park foundation logo
San Luis Obispo logo redesign
CSSNV business cards
Green Our Planet - Logo Mockup
BeThink logo design
yellow destined logo
Design Boards
To enhance a logo design and further visualize a Performance Brand, we use digital design boards. These boards act as a testing ground for exploring type and color, iconography for both digital channels and physical spaces, brand graphics, business card designs, various digital templates, photography styles and more. This lets us show what’s working best in its appropriate digital context and make a solid recommendation on a digital-first brand identity.
Design Boards
Brand Guidelines
While you want the sky to be the limit for your Performance Brand, there has to be a limit to the way your digital brand identity is used. With brand guidelines, your company will be set up for success with some firm yet flexible guardrails. What to do and not do with your logo, tone of voice, fonts, iconography, primary and secondary color palettes and more. Think of it as “rules of encouragement” that inspire the best use of your brand identity.
Brand Guidelines
Brand Book
This is your brand’s bible. An amalgamation of your brand platform, brand messaging, visual identity and brand guidelines is one stunning storytelling collection of words, images, designs and inspiration. Anyone who opens this book will instantly know what your brand stands for, understand its personality, promise and perspective. We create both digital and physical versions, so you can easily share it, but also touch it, feel it and embrace it as a tangible guiding light for your company and brand.
Brand Book
Brand Mantra Videos

A brand mantra video is your brand platform translated into an emotionally compelling, engaging video that announces your brand purpose to the world and inspires and aligns your internal teams. We believe a brand mantra video is at the core of every Performance Brand, and no company’s website should be without one. Remember, when people feel more and associate more, they click more, visit more, shop more and buy more.

white woman with windswept hair walking on a beach
brown tote bag with
Destined Business Cards

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