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Paid Media Marketing

We’re a creative digital performance marketing agency that specializes in delivering potent paid search marketing services to our clients. Through extensive strategic planning, compelling creative and cutting edge technological expertise, we know how to leverage the power of Google’s algorithm and influence it in your favor so you can get in front of your audience and stand out from your competition.

Rise Above the Competition

Rise Above the Competition

From discovery and goal setting, strategy development, account buildout, ongoing account management to reporting and analysis — our comprehensive approach to paid search marketing empowers us to help you rise above your competition in the SERP, and drive home more leads to your website.

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Benefits of Paid Media Marketing

Benefits of Paid Media Marketing


Paid search is interactive, intent-based marketing, so with an approach that covers all your bases and hones in on the wants and needs of your customers, you’ve identified a clear target and a full understanding of how to reach your audience.

Plays Well With Others

Paid media marketing can stand alone, but we think it performs best when it’s part of an integrated search approach that incorporates SEO to make the most of SERP real estate.

The Right Eyeballs

Your audience is already out there searching for your content. Proper SEO connects the dots between the two.

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • 5 / 5 ★★★★★
    ” Their communication and attention to detail stand out. Noble Studios works to explain their processes to each client. Also, it’s impressive that they are unafraid to take a strategic risk if they believe it will ultimately pay off for the client. ”
    Employee, SEO Company
  • 5 / 5 ★★★★★
    “Our site has seen exponential growth over the last few years. We’re looking for a new hosting company because of how much our traffic and volume have increased. Clicks to the site and overall traffic have continued to improve, and our organic and paid page views have increased by 40%. It’s been a team effort to accomplish that growth.”
    Jonathan Farrington Executive Director, Yosemite Mariposa Tourism Bureau
  • 5 / 5 ★★★★★
    ” We continue to be satisfied with their knowledge, innovative approach, and commitment to our business. Even though we are no longer a new client, they treat us as though they are still wanting to win our business every day. ”
    Communications Manager, Yosemite Mariposa County Tourism Bureau

Our Services

From initial research to the click that converts, our comprehensive Paid Media Marketing services will help your organization reach its goals.

Our Services

Audience, Keyword & Competitive Research

Before launching any paid media marketing campaign, we conduct in depth audience reviews, keyword discovery and competitive research. We’re able to create a paid search marketing roadmap on how to most effectively target your audiences that integrates with all of your marketing tactics and business goals. We’ll use this roadmap to inform your paid media marketing campaign, and continually conduct ROI analysis so you know you’re getting the biggest bang for your buck.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Audits

Before any long adventure, you have to look under the hood and assess the condition of your engine. That’s exactly what we do with search engine marketing audits to reveal how your previous campaigns have performed so we can determine which keywords and channels yield the most potential for traffic and conversions.

We use this extensive assessment of your existing paid search activities to inform your paid media marketing strategy.

Bid Management

Paid search marketing involves bidding for ad space and specific high-converting keywords on the SERP. If you really want your ad up top on the SERP, you have to manage bidding in real time so you aren’t knocked off by a competitor. As hungry bears, we are tenacious and never give up in our pursuit to deliver the strongest results for your business that reach all of your key performance indicators (KPIs).


Conversion Tracking

You have conversion goals, and we have the tools to track them using advanced conversion tracking software such as HubSpot CRM and other leading analytical platforms. Through conversion tracking, we monitor engagement metrics and your customers’ paths to conversion that tell us what’s working and what’s not, so our team can help you optimize the customer experience. We ensure your key performance indicators (KPIs) are maintained while always keeping an eye for more opportunities to expand your market influence.

Conversion Rate Optimization

You don’t know what you don’t test — and testing is in our blood. Through conversion rate optimization (CRO) and experimentation, we’re able to continually monitor and improve the performance of your paid media marketing campaigns in real time.

CRO also enables another level of personalization to your paid media campaigns. We’re able to test the performance of various copy and design elements with specific audience segments, and swap them in and out with what performs best.

Custom Reporting

Every paid search marketing campaign is unique and so should your reporting. We create custom reports that lay out your campaign from a holistic view so you can see the impact of every aspect of your campaign.

Whether weekly, monthly or quarterly, we will sit down and discuss with you how your paid media marketing campaign is going. These assessments help you be aware of the changes being made, as well as highlight what changes to the paid search landscape are happening so we can plan accordingly.

What is Paid Search Marketing?

Paid search marketing is a form of intent-based digital advertising that enables businesses to buy sponsored ad space on search engine results pages (SERPS) like Google or Bing. Paid search marketing gets you in front of your target audience that is already actively looking for the product or service you provide. Paid search ads are pay-per-click, so until your ad is clicked on, you don’t pay for it.

Why Do You Need Paid Search Marketing Services?

Google owns nearly 90 percent of the online search market. It’s simply where most of us consumers search for product or service information, so if you aren’t visible to customers where they’re already looking, how can you expect them to find your business in a sea of alternatives?

What is a Paid Search Campaign?

Paid search campaigns are marketing strategies businesses can leverage to reach specific audience segments searching for specific keywords and phrases on Google, Bing and other search engines. User’s searches are more often than not intent-based, and paid search campaigns can capture users in their specific part of the buyer’s journey and lead them closer to conversion.

“There’s a lot of factors that go into traffic coming to our website, but Noble is a huge chunk of that success—triple-digit increase in traffic from launch.”

Santa Monica
Display Advertising
Display Advertising

Ad & Campaign Management

We don’t just create display ads and send you packing. We understand how quickly a simple paid media campaign can get complex with varying display ads in the works, so we help you manage them in real-time. We work across all major display networks, including Google Display Network, Facebook Ads and Amazon Advertising.

Display Ad Audit & Strategy

Prior to launching any campaigns, we complete a full creative, audience and competitive audit to understand the effectiveness of existing and prior display campaigns. Using this information combined with your business goals, we develop a display roadmap to meet those objectives. This roadmap includes ideal platform mix, messaging and creative, flight timing, budget recommendations and customer journey map considerations.

Creative & Messaging Development

An effective display ad doesn’t just look nice and rely on chance to grab the attention of your audience. We develop unique creative and messaging strategies for your ads based on your audience segments. Design and content marketing services go hand in hand to create tailored messages in ad copy and designs for each of your audiences so they’re highly relevant and more likely to be engaged with.

Targeting Services

Targeting Services


Remember the last time you were browsing Amazon, and then saw items you were viewing in headers and sidebars of different sites? That’s classic display ad retargeting, or remarketing. These are used to re-engage with past customers or users who have shown interest in your brand’s offerings.

Interest Targeting (In-Market
and Affinity)

Interest targeting, also known as in-market and affinity ads, allow you to target in-market audiences that have never engaged with your brand based on their related interests. How do we determine their related interests? They come from the various apps and sites they use on the Google Display Network.

Contextual Targeting

Contextual digital display advertising involves taking specific keywords and topics and matching them with your ads so they appear on relevant sites within Google Display Network.

Topic Targeting

Topic targeting leverages Google Display Network to display your ads to audiences who are already engaged with the topic of your ad. Topic targeted ads appear on websites, apps or video networks the audience are already viewing.

Website Placement

Website placement targeting lets you directly select specific websites and platforms within the Google Display Network to display your ads. This targeting tactic gives you full control of where and how you display your ads.

Programmatic Ad Buying

Leveraging advanced AI and machine learning technology, programmatic ad buying automates the bidding process on ad inventory in real-time. This saves us time to focus on other aspects of your campaign instead of manually monitoring bids on specific keywords and ad placement.

Other Services
Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Experience better performance through conversion optimization and digital experimentation.

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Other Services
UX Design for Landing Pages
UX Design for Landing Pages

Capture the full attention of your target audience through intuitive, beautiful design that converts.

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