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AirAsia Fans Get Chance To Book Entire Inaugural Flight

When AirAsia launched a new direct flight from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur, the airline sought to inform and attract potential travelers. Noble Studios created a fun and engaging Facebook contest to prepare fliers for a flight of a lifetime.

AirAsia Fans Get Chance To Book Entire Inaugural Flight

Through Social Media, AirAsia Soars over the Competition

Creating awareness and garnering excitement about AirAsia’s newest direct flight was the main objective, but the airline also wanted to educate potential travelers about its new fleet of Airbus A330s while increasing its overall fanbase.

We worked with Australian ad agency, Publicis Mojo, to dream up a campaign that would check all of these boxes while still engaging fans in an authentic and entertaining way.

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Two Key Opportunities

Highlight new aircraft with an interactive and informative visual interpretation

Create a contest to encourage engagement and likes on AirAsia’s Facebook page


  • 30 %
    Increase in fanbase
  • 22 K
    Gained Facebook likes
Air Asia Plane Wing

Highlight New Aircraft by Educating and Entertaining

We teamed up with Publicis Mojo to build a 360-degree animated view of the Airbus A330 with nine different information flags. The page’s animation spotlights new features including a 302 seat cabin, enhanced reclining seats and cutting-edge engine technology.

Where to?

The airline sought increased awareness of its new Sydney-to-Kuala Lumpur flights and its new fleet of Airbus A330s.

Who Will You Pick?

Facebook users picked 302 of their closest friends and placed them into virtual seats on the Airbus.

The Big Day

One lucky entrant won a flight to Kuala Lumpur filled with their friends.

Create an Engaging Facebook Contest

AirAsia’s Facebook fans had the opportunity to fill up a virtual plane either manually or automatically for a chance to win the grand prize. By asking users who they would take on an international flight, we allowed them to dream big in hopes of winning big.

The Contest Takes Flight

As the user dragged and dropped friends into seats, a countdown of remaining first-class and cabin seats displayed. Once the user fully booked their plane, they could tag their top 50 friends (a Facebook limit at the time) to let them know they were entered into the contest. When the contest concluded, one lucky winner got to fly on the inaugural flight — with all 302 of their friends. Noble Studios created a custom admin area for Publicis to review each entry, see the tally of entries and ultimately select the winner.


  • 12.5 K
    Total Entries
  • 22 K
    Gained Facebook likes from the campaign


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