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Reflecting on launching a wellness startup brand and digital home.

Noble Studios was asked to help launch a wellness and lifestyle startup meant to lift people up. Working in tandem with Bethink’s founders, we built a brand platform and strategy, including purpose, principles and positioning, from the ground up. From there we helped name the company, create a logo, visual identity, messaging strategy and marketing tools–including a brand book, new website, brand videos, merchandise examples, ad templates and more.

Reflecting on launching a wellness startup brand and digital home.

Empowering the Empowerers

Setting Bethink up for success was a top priority during this project. Not only did we lay the groundwork for Bethink’s brand, we also created materials that would guide their team in growing, developing and enriching their platform for years to come.

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Three Key Opportunities

Define the brand platform and strategy and bring it to life through its identity and messaging.

Establish Bethink as a leading wellness brand embodying reflection and empowerment with a twist.

Develop a dynamic, content-rich, online home and brand elements for Bethink staff, partners and clients.

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Brand Development

The world is full of wellness and lifestyle brands. How could we help Bethink stand out? It started by creating meaningful brand purpose focused on reflection and doing things differently than the average wellness company–turning wellness inside out. From their core philosophies and distinct personality sprang a logo, color palette, font and more tools to support Bethink as a brand and as an experience.

Brand Video

To help successfully introduce Bethink across social media platforms, our team created a series of brand videos, which gave the Bethink team tools to share the brand purpose with their target audiences in an emotional and intriguing way.

Visual Identity

Bethink’s journey as a brand was just beginning. In order to guide them, Noble Studios provided comprehensive visual identity development and direction: visual and messaging guidelines, sample business cards, product prototypes and marketing templates that illustrated Bethink’s personality and philosophy. Now Bethink can confidently build new–or modify existing–concepts on a solid foundation.

New Website

Bethink’s approach to wellness called for an organic, feel-good website that invited users to experience the brand’s philosophy firsthand: from the inside out. Thinking about target audiences and their journeys, we developed a sitemap and homepage that would ultimately provide direction and inspiration for the Bethink team. The WordPress theme we recommended is flexible enough to accommodate any content needs and supports plugin integrations.

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