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Crisis Support Services of Nevada

Saving Lives and Creating a Better Tomorrow By Serving as a Beacon of Hope

Our annual Noble Deeds project gives back to the community we live in. When we worked with the Crisis Call Center, the impact was immediate, both financially and in the expansion of life-saving outreach efforts.


Saving Lives and Creating a Better Tomorrow By Serving as a Beacon of Hope

We All Need a Helping Hand Sometimes

The Crisis Call Center provides support to people in times of crisis through its call center and Sexual Assault Support Services (SASS). We dedicated our yearly Noble Deeds efforts to making a profound difference in the lives of the people who rely on these extremely meaningful services.

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Three Key Opportunities

The website was underperforming and in need of a visual and architectural refresh

The site needed to resonate immediately with people in crisis

New branding was in order, including a new logo


  • 20 %
    Increase in average time on page
  • 12.6 %
    Increase in homepage views
  • 6.9 %
    Decrease in bounce rate
cssnv mobile website

Better Serving the Needs of Visitors

By doing a thorough discovery of their audience needs, employing our content-first and mobile-first approaches to website development and leveraging the newest web technology, we built a website that is easy for visitors to navigate, whether they need immediate help or just want more information.

Broadening the Message

To help Crisis Call Center evolve its name, stand out and clearly communicate its message of hope, we delivered a new name, brand platform, messaging and visual identity.

Visual Identity Updates

For immediate impact, we crafted the following proposals:

  • Make the site feel empathetic, supportive and hopeful.
  • Deliver a clean, simple and powerful experience.
  • Visually convey the message that “Everyone Needs a Reminder”
  • Resonate with a multigenerational audience.

An Evolution of the Brand

As times change, so, too, do brands. To better highlight the fact that the organization serves the entire state of Nevada, we worked with its team to evolve from Crisis Call Center to Crisis Support Services. This provided the change the organization was looking for while being mindful of budgets and resources.


logo evolution
cssnv brand purpose
cssnv logo variations
cssnv logo font

Video + Photo Production

We created original video, photos and copy to help two key audiences: those in need of help and those looking for ways to help out. At the same time, our team collaborated closely to lay out the pages in a way that ensures visitors can get the information they need quickly. The content is purposefully designed to be easily digested by those in an emotionally fragile state.

Paid and Organic Search Strategy

Our content-first website strategy involved SEO guidance for every page we wrote for the new website to ensure people in crisis could find CSSNV’s services. To complement the organic approach, we worked with the CSSNV team to apply for a Google Ad Grant, enabling the nonprofit to run Google Ad campaigns to reach key audiences. We also provided education on paid and organic search best practices to the in-house team, empowering the group to continue the work we’d done.

Business Collateral

In order for Crisis Support Services of Nevada’s employees to spread the word about their services, it needed new business collateral including brochures, business cards and stationery. We designed brochures for the SASS program and Crisis Support Services of Nevada for those who needed help as well as those interested in supporting the organization through donations and volunteering. Business cards were instantly impactful, helping the executive director as she met with Nevada legislators about critical bills and funding.


Before the new site launched, CSSNV unveiled its new brand during an annual breakfast gathering, letting people see the new logo, messaging and brand mantra video. The Compassion Through the Crisis breakfast attracted 380 people, 130 more than the prior year. As a result, Crisis Support Services of Nevada raised $32,000, an $8,300 increase over the previous year.

cssnv fundraiser
cssnv fundraiser
cssnv fundraiser
cssnv fundraiser

A Labor of Love

We don’t undertake Noble Deeds projects for the money. Instead, these efforts represent the highest and best use of our skills and knowledge. It’s our way of giving back to the community. The results of this project are seen every day in CSSNV’s new branding, its physical collateral and the simple message that there is, indeed, a better tomorrow on the horizon.

banner design
cssnv messaging
responsive website
billboard design
cssnv photography
responsive website
business card design
office photography
crisis support services of nevada billboard
branded stationary

In the 20 plus years that I have been running nonprofit organizations, I’ve never run across a group of philanthropic superstars like those at Noble Studios.

Rachelle L. Pellissier, MPAExecutive Director


  • 12.6 %
    Increase in homepage views
  • 6.9 %
    Decrease in bounce rate


  • 2020 AAF Reno Addy Awards Gold Award for Brand Book Design
  • 2020 AAF Reno Addy Awards Bronze Award for Campaign
  • 2019 Hermes Creative Awards Gold for Nonprofit Website
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