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Dr. Weil

Just What the Doctor Ordered

When traditional medicine falls short, Dr. Weil advocates for herbal remedies, meditation and mindful living. To keep his authoritative online voice, we prescribed a modern revamp for his website.

Just What the Doctor Ordered

An Online Brand Ready to Level Up

For more than 25 years,, has attracted a loyal following by being a trusted source of information on the subjects of alternative medicine and healthy living. Yet, as the digital marketplace became oversaturated with health and wellness brands, it became harder than ever before for authentic voices, such as Dr. Weil’s, to be heard.

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Three Key Opportunities

Reemerge as a leader in the industry with a stronger digital presence

Establish authority on the topic with content that meets readers’ needs

Ensure the new website is responsive and stands out among competitors


  • 55 %
    Increase in mobile sessions
  • 14 %
    Increase in session duration
Dr. Weil - Nutrition

Strengthen Digital Presence

A new site that would better anticipate the needs of visitors seeking health and wellness information and products. A deep discovery on the site informed a strategic plan that would bolster Dr. Weil’s digital presence and overall consumer confidence. Our findings showed that a complete content migration and redesign were in order to bring back into prominence in the health and wellness information market.

Establish Authority through Relevant Content

A top goal: to organize the site’s complex content structure to make it more relevant to readers and more attractive to search engines in a highly competitive industry. Working hand-in-hand with Dr. Weil’s medical editorial staff, we researched and honed in on high-traffic keywords related to Dr. Weil’s areas of expertise before siloing content into more intuitive categories for the user.

advanced search functionality

Advanced Search Functionality

The revamped featured improved navigation throughout. Advanced search functionality allows users to effortlessly search for relevant content.

Mega Navigation

Mega navigation, including large images, makes finding information on specific interests easy and fun.

mega navigation
alternative navigation

Alternative Navigation

As users scroll down the page, the navigation bar morphs into a call to action, drawing attention toward Dr. Weil’s social presence, newsletter and Vitamin Advisor to increase conversions.

Standing Out Among the Competition

Because mobile accounts for the majority of searches, we redesigned Dr. Weil’s site to be responsive across all device platforms. This makes the site’s invaluable content accessible to users searching for information on-the-go. The newly improved user experience and interface is now on par with the needs of the Weil Lifestyle brand’s rapidly expanding younger audience, while also remaining a familiar and positive experience for long-time users. The result is an improved site that remains focused on increasing the page views needed for further monetization.


  • 55 %
    Increase in mobile sessions
  • 14 %
    Increase in session duration
  • 17 %
    Increase in pages per session


  • 2020 AAF Reno Addy Awards Gold Award for Brand Book Design
  • 2020 AAF Reno Addy Awards Bronze Award for Campaign
  • 2019 Hermes Creative Awards Gold for Nonprofit Website
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