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Genome Medical

Raising Awareness around Critical Genetic Testing

Genome Medical wanted to spread the word about its genetic counseling and testing services, which is available to consumers, health systems and employers everywhere. We were there to help.

Raising Awareness around Critical Genetic Testing

Broadening the Message around Critical Health Testing

As a startup, Genome Medical seeks to help people understand whether they are at risk for certain types of breast cancers and other inherited conditions. The company sets itself apart as the first and only telegenomics practice in the U.S. that provides genetic tests and counseling services direct to consumers. Through a combination of paid media marketing, content marketing and web design, we helped Genome educate the public about these life-saving tests.

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Two Key Opportunities

Increase awareness of products and services

Generate more traffic to their website


  • 91 %
    Rise in goal completions (YoY)
  • 230 %
    Increase in users
  • 31.8 %
    Conversion rate
  • 677 %
    Keyword growth
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Increase Awareness of Products and Services

We partnered with Genome Medical to run a paid media campaign aimed at raising awareness for their genetic counseling services around the breast cancer (BRCA) gene and its many mutations. Facebook carousel ads helped gain the interest of qualified consumers while our paid search ads converted researchers looking for more information about the BRCA (breast cancer) gene.

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Generate More Website Traffic

To maximize impact and allow for continual testing of the impact of certain ads, our team developed a landing page that informed consumers about how the BRCA gene mutations can affect both men and women. The campaign page drew in new audiences to Genome Medical. Through testing, we determined the keywords and pricing at which consumers were most likely to convert. Genome used this impactful information to update its website and increase overall traffic.


  • 230 %
    Increase in users

    Prior six months vs. same time last year

  • 31.8 %
    Conversion rate

    The Soon-to-be-Moms campaign saw a major boost in the first three months

  • 677 %
    Keyword growth

    The top three positions grew massively year-over-year

  • 368 %
    Increase in all keywords

    Year-over-year growth continues across the board for each keyword

  • 2.4 %
    Abandonment rate decrease

    Visitors who took no action on the site dropped year-over-year

  • 34 %
    Paid search spend increase

    Renewed efforts to boost paid search visibility paid off

  • 45 %
    Decrease in cost per click

    Best SEM practices sliced CPC expenses by nearly half

  • 169 %
    Paid search traffic

    Traffic from paid search efforts jumped, year over year

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