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RDS Logistics Group

Rebranding + Redesign for a Logistics Trailblazer

When a pioneer in the logistics industry brought on Noble Studios, we not only brought in qualified traffic, but we also delivered a new visual identity and website overhaul to modernized the brand.

Rebranding + Redesign for a Logistics Trailblazer

Repositioning as a Leader

Formerly known as Rail Delivery Services, RDS Logistics has operated out of Southern California since 1982. As the company expanded, it sought more brand clarity to better communicate the various logistics services they offer. Our answer? A new visual identity and a website overhaul.

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Key Opportunities

Modernize the company’s web presence

Position RDS as a strategic, innovative partner for third-party logistics

Create a unified experience for a variety of customers

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A Modernized Web Experience

The Noble team interviewed RDS stakeholders to inform content creation on six service detail pages that showcase all of what RDS offers its customers. New copy and a fresh Content Management System capped off the work, giving the company a running start for future efforts.

Position RDS as a Strategic and Innovative Partner for Third-Party Logistics

Using research from stakeholder interviews and competitor audits, we developed a new brand platform establishing the RDS core purpose, principles and positioning to better represent the company is. These efforts included a brand line that succinctly communicates the company’s can-do attitude called the RDS Rally: ‘Let’s Rally, Together!”

The RDS brand platform establishes the firm as a strategic leader in third party logistics.

Creating a Unified Experience

The name Rail Delivery Services served the company well for many years, but it was time for a rebrand to better speak to modern audiences. We updated the company’s name to RDS Logistics Group. Including “logistics group” in the name instantly clarified the type of business it is, while staying true to its origins with the inclusion of the acronym RDS.

Breathing Life into the New Brand

The company’s new logo is a nod to its past, drawing inspiration from the vintage wheel spokes from its previous logo. The logo inspires a sense of motion that reflects the new brand’s promise to do whatever it takes to move business forward.

RDS logo redesign
RDS Brand Purpose
RDS Logo Variations
RDS Brand Typography

Unifying the Brand

The partnership with RDS resulted in a full unification of the brand under a single website and visual identity. This included a new brand book and business collateral, and it also included improved site navigation and dedicated landing pages for each of the RDS service lines.

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rds logistics group business cards
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rds logistics
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RDS Truck branding
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“The team’s branding acumen is impressive and they do an excellent job of building a relationship with their client. Customers can expect a multi-talented team that works diligently to produce extremely high caliber deliverables.”

Greg Sanders, CEO of RDS Logistics Group
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