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The Islands of Tahiti

Perfecting an Island Paradise

Tahiti has always been a gorgeous place to visit. Now, with a complete redesign and improved User Experience, so is its website.

Perfecting an Island Paradise

Creating a Virtual Paradise

With vast experience in the travel and tourism and digital marketing verticals, Noble Studios gladly took on the task of creating a new website that visually showcased The Islands of Tahiti’s refreshed brand while also giving individual stakeholders more control over their content.

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Three Key Opportunities

Infuse the new website with cultural touchpoints

Personalize for various languages + give stakeholders more control


  • 357 %
    Increase in Vacation Guide Downloads
  • 46 %
    Increase in Keywords Ranked on Page 1 of Google
  • 131 %
    Increase in Keywords Ranked in 1st Position
tahitian woman holding lei

Touching on Culturally Relevant Concepts

The Spirit of Mana

Undertaking nearly a year of extensive planning, research and stakeholder input, we overhauled the look and feel of Inspired by the Polynesian concept of Mana, the life force infused throughout the region, we sought to better educate potential visitors on the cultural and geographic differences found in Tahiti’s 118 islands.

A Brand that Matches the Nation’s Sprit

Appropriately, blue is the brand’s primary color, inspired by the Tahitian tattoo ink, illustrating the powerful and mystical concept of Mana. We used green to contrast the blue and represent the richness and beauty of the region’s diverse landscape and flora.

We drew further inspiration from the organic textures and patterns of Tifaifai, the woven, patterned garments found in Polynesia along with gorgeous imagery from the islands, showing their majestic beauty. Words we used to drive our designs included “exhilarating,” “humble spirit” and “generous,” all direct reflections of the people and places that make up The Islands of Tahiti.

For our optimization efforts on this project, see The Islands of Tahiti SEO case study.

“Noble Studios brought new ideas to the table that allowed us to better connect with potential visitors to The Islands of Tahiti. We are proud of our work and look forward to continuing our focus on digital marketing with Noble in the future.”  

Paul Sloan, CEO of Tahiti Tourisme

Creating a More Personalized Regional Experience

Before launching the new website, Noble consolidated each of the regional domains (.fr for France, .ca for Canada, etc.) into a single, consistent look and feel while still appealing to a geographic niche. Content siloing further helped deliver content in a more impactful way to visitors.

To give stakeholders more control over their content, we turned to Simpleview, a Customer Relationship Management platform that gives The Islands of Tahiti the ability to maintain a single data source that is automatically updated on the website.

The Impact

  • 357 %
    Increase in Vacation Guide Downloads
  • 131 %
    Increase in Keywords Ranked in 1st Position


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