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University of California

Streamlining Communication for a Prestigious University

Universally respected across the education spectrum, the University of California has campuses that span the state, but its reach is worldwide. When budgets were impacted by an economic downturn, the university’s forward-thinking leadership team reacted swiftly to unify communications for its 18 schools via a new website.

Streamlining Communication for a Prestigious University

Seizing a Rare Opportunity

There’s no challenge quite like an economic downturn to help you understand what’s most important. When a recession began impacting budgets, university leaders grabbed the opportunity to unify a communications strategy across multiple campuses.

The solution came in the form of a Noble-crafted website which pulls together formerly disparate stories, stats and research from the university’s expansive network. The resulting site now delivers a single, unified message to prospective students, alumni and media outlets.

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Three Key Opportunities

Streamline communication across 18 institutions

Transform content into a digital experience

Ensure seamless, multi-platform web experiences


  • +15 %
    Return Visitors
  • +12 %
    Mobile Views
  • -7 %
    Bounce Rate
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Speaking with a Single, Unified Voice

When you have 18 separate institutions, it can get a little tricky to present an undiluted, impactful message. With Noble’s help, the University of California transformed its website into a single, unifying standard-bearer for all communications.

Often, simpler really is better.

Transform Content into a Digital Experience

Research showed few people were aware of the role the university system plays on a national scale. Noble worked to transform UC’s new brand message into an engaging digital experience: one that deliver the university’s expertise to a broader audience than ever before.

Now, the most important news and information rises to the top, gently guiding visitors to what they need to know.

Ensure Seamless, Multi-platform Web Experiences

The new website displays beautifully across a variety of devices, giving visitors access to the university’s content. It also provides opportunities for students to apply for financial aid and engage by sharing stories via social media.

This newly-rich portal also shares details on projects that impact the entire university system, creating more opportunities for diverse audiences to engage with the client’s services and offering much more thought leadership impact than before.


  • 12 %
    Increase in Mobile Views
  • 7 %
    Decrease in Bounce Rate


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