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A zesty new hospitality & lifestyle brand website

Yes& turned to Noble Studios for help creating their very first corporate website, following an extensive brand strategy process including a new name, brand platform and visual identity. We came up with a certifiably juicy design that embraced their motto–”Always add something”–and gave Yes& the strong digital foundation they deserved.

A zesty new hospitality & lifestyle brand website

Getting it right, the first time

Yes& wanted their first website to not only represent their brand and principles, but also provide them with room to grow as needed. Employees and clients alike would look to this website as an example, an inspiration and a guidebook for future endeavors.

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Three Key Opportunities

Represent the Yes& brand for employees and clients with a new digital platform.

Create animations, videos, and team photos that bring the Yes& brand to life.

When we think we’re done, add something more–it’s all part of the Yes& motto.

New Website

Because Yes& was still in the early stages of their new brand, we wanted to create a website that would make a strong first impression without limiting their ability to change and expand. The initial discovery uncovered digital touchpoints, training & development programs and employee considerations to incorporate. We recommended a single homepage design powered with a WordPress CMS backend: a design that encourages users to scroll and learn how Yes& adds something to everything.


Our web development team used advanced JavaScript animation library effects and features to elevate the user experience. For the “We’re Better Together” section, we applied conditional logic throughout code to create auto-scrolling Yes& brand cards, each flipping to reveal an image.

Brand Video

Without a large selection of owned photography and video assets to draw from, our design team got extra creative. Smooth animation and expressive typography draws users deeply into the Yes& brand while exploring different facets of their philosophy, their services, and their goals for the future.


Playful or professional. Why not both? To help Yes& lean into its fresh and funky new website, we orchestrated a photoshoot that let team members show off their silly sides. Colorful props “add something,” highlighting Yes&’s motto while giving staff space to be their authentic selves.

Easter Egg

“Always add something.” With the design finished, animations completed, and photoshoot wrapped up, the website was almost done–but not quite there yet. So we did what Yes& would do: we added something. A clickable ampersand changes colors and offers bite-sized pearls of Yes& wisdom.


  • Hermes Creative Awards Gold Award for B2B Website
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