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Yosemite Mariposa County Tourism Bureau

Blazing New Virtual Trails in Yosemite

Imagination is a big part of travel, and when you have a park as beautiful as Yosemite National Park, you want potential visitors to dream big. After working with Noble Studios, now features compelling, award-winning user experience that implores visitors to do just that.

Blazing New Virtual Trails in Yosemite


Ancient sequoias and natural wonders are everywhere you turn in Yosemite National Park. To highlight these attractions, Noble designed a fresh, new to better attract visitors from across the globe. This project was in conjunction with our SEO work for the park.

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Three Key Opportunities

Design + develop a new website with fresh branding

Streamline navigation to enhance user experience and increase traffic

Provide value to visitors through newly optimized content


  • 146 %
    Increase in page views
  • 193 %
    Increase in mobile sessions
yosemite photography

Fresh Branding and a New Website

Thinking Like a Visitor

Part modern day-tripper, part rustic outdoor enthusiast, Yosemite’s diverse audience was the key motivating factor for the website’s redesign. Visually, we wanted visitors to experience the feeling of actually being in the park, so we put ourselves in the shoes of someone planning a trip. We began with a strategic and technical overview of the organization’s preexisting digital presence.

A Faster Experience Overall

Fresh brand imagery and a design overhaul helped to enhance the visitor experience. To remain competitive in today’s mobile-centric landscape, the new needed fast page loading times and a responsive design.

Featuring simplified navigation, an updated color palette and captivating imagery and video, the new site is built to let potential visitors immerse themselves in Yosemite’s landscapes while more easily planning their trips.

Streamlined Architecture and Navigation

Explore On Your Own Terms

Updating the site’s elements creates visual appeal and improved functionality for visitors. Customizable navigation features filters and icons, while property detail pages find new life by highlighting lodging options with full descriptions. A Featured Things to Do section is devoted to seasonal activities.

Visual Appeal + Functionality

The site’s image-rich search is designed to be easy to navigate through customized filters and icons.

Information at Your Fingertips

Updated property detail pages give new life to the site by highlighting unique lodging options in full detail.

Customizable Navigation

The new “Featured Things to Do” section allows Yosemite’s content team to highlight activities based on their audience’s seasonal interests.

Keeping Usability Top of Mind

Easy to navigate “Things to Do,” “Places to Stay” and “Plan Your Trip” sections allow Yosemite’s visitors to plan their trip in just a few clicks, without wading through pages of less essential information. Those looking for family-friendly pursuits can browse the site’s blog, which features posts such as “Top 10 Family Activities” and more, while those more interested in nearby restaurants can select “Dining” from the main navigation to learn about culinary options. By adding maps on each page, we’ve made it easier for visitors to find what they want to do.

The difference is in the details. The before and after of the website redesign shows streamlined navigation
with key information highlighted.

Boosting Search Results + Value to Consumers

We centered our plan for landing pages around target keywords and added them to existing copy on evergreen pages. We then optimized existing content for search engines and increased the copy length on many pages and blog posts. By writing blog posts around high-volume keywords, we helped increase traffic and site authority.

responsive website design
wooden boardwalk near a forest
yosemite photography


Thanks to the mobile-friendly, data-informed design, the new site will serve the park’s millions of annual visitors for years to come as they seek out the adventure of a lifetime.

  • 111 %
    Increase in organic search
  • 146 %
    Increase in page views
  • 196 %
    Increase in mobile sessions


  • MarCom Award Bronze – Tourism Website Design
  • HSMAI Adrian Awards Silver – Digital Marketing Website
  • Davey Awards Silver – Tourism Website
  • MobileWebAwards Gold – Best Travel Mobile Website
  • AAF District Addy Awards Silver – Consumer Website
  • Hermes Creative Awards Bronze – Business to Consumer Website
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