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Amanda Tietjen

Amanda Tietjen

Associate Director of Performance Marketing

Amanda “Analytics Animal” Tietjen spends her days at Noble Studios managing paid search, display, social and programmatic ad campaigns as well as providing SEO support to a growing slate of clients. (Okay, no one really calls her that, but they should.) The Associate Director of Performance Marketing spends her time obsessing over budgeting and targeting optimizations for her clients, tinkering with the campaigns until their CPAs are at the optimal level–then she tinkers some more. She thinks her job is just “plain cool.” A Reno native, Amanda worked as the technical marketing specialist at Hughes Private Capital before coming to Noble Studios. She wore many hats there, doing everything from building websites and landing pages to developing workflows in CRMs, doing event photography and coordinating the build of a mobile app. She made the jump to agency life after seeing our team speak at a local luncheon about the creative digital performance model we use for our clients.

Amanda may have been born and raised in Nevada, but she ventured south for college, attending Ole Miss, where she got her degree in integrated marketing communications with a minor in business administration. She admits that not even attending a football-obsessed school could get her addicted to the sport. Instead of watching football, she prefers to watch TV shows–the sappy, romantic, burst-into-tears kind.

She’s obsessed with Harry Potter (and brings her own special magic to Noble Studios, perhaps coincidentally, but perhaps as a result of her passion for the fantasy world). In the summers, Amanda enjoys water skiing and camping up at Lake Almanor. And in the winter? Amanda likes to go skiing or hiking, but her homebody personality tends to get the best of her. Warmth and relaxation FTW!

“Push your ideas as far as they can go. Never settle for the first thing you think.”

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  • Google Google Ads Certified
  • Google Google Analytics Certified
  • Google Google My Business Certified