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davis bauman

Davis Bauman

Director of Digital Experience

Las Vegas native and Arizona State University graduate Davis Bauman heads up development, user experience, digital design efforts for Noble Studios, which is a good thing because these skills are right in his wheelhouse. As someone who thrives on creating products, plans and processes, Davis works hard to empower Noble’s Digital Experience team to create unique and unforgettable digital experiences. 

With a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Information Technology, Davis digs deep to understand what makes users happy and motivated to browse, shop, engage and — ultimately — convert. He processes this information to strategically craft bespoke experiences that surprise and delight customers. Or, as he puts it, the work he does creates a lively culture of fanatical return customers which, in turn, makes a drastic impact on the bottom line for Noble’s clients. 

Davis has worked in digital marketing for more than a decade, having served as a developer, UX designer, UI designer, art director, design director and associate creative director. His previous stints at Scorpion and Merkle have shown him how to craft quality UX, how to make it beautiful, how to build it and how to lead the teams that do each of those functions. A versatile designer, he has produced everything from book covers to billboards, social media posts, click ads, logos, decks, brand books, websites, web apps, packaging, posters and just about everything in between.

A dad and husband, Davis spends most of his time devoted to his family and their two adorable beagles. Outside of that, he enjoys smoking BBQ, and playing chess (ask him about his vast board game collection!). 

“I can learn to resist
Anything but frustration
I can learn to persist
With anything but aiming low
I can learn to close my eyes
To anything but injustice
I can learn to get along
With all the things I don’t know”

Neil Peart, Rush, “Resist”