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Haley Coyle

Haley Coyle

Creative Designer

Haley Coyle’s design canvas stretches far beyond the ordinary, with a design journey that’s taken her from the classrooms of Arizona State University to the creative studios of Italy and Switzerland, and now to the Sierra Nevadas. 

Armed with a Bachelor of Science in Visual Communication, Haley’s professional path is adorned with moments of excellence—be it contributing to a digital design project in Zurich that redefined a brand’s online presence or her freelance ventures that positively impacted local businesses.

Through her Creative Designer role at Noble Studios, Haley supports clients by contributing to innovative design and storytelling, helping bring each project to life.

Haley’s life outside the design studio is rich in outdoor adventures and creative exploration. From paddle boarding on Lake Tahoe’s crystal waters to capturing its serene beauty through her camera lens, she finds design inspiration in nature’s own masterpieces. 

Her global travels have broadened her design perspective and enriched her palette of interests. Thanks to her obsessive meticulous research skills, Haley is the friend who knows the best local eatery in any city and the ins and outs of every houseboat in Amsterdam. 

And when it comes to music, her playlists are as eclectic as her design portfolio, from stutter house to a deep affection for all things Queen. Her music taste reflects her belief that inspiration knows no boundaries.

At Noble Studios, Haley applies her passion for design and love of nature to her projects, aiming to contribute fresh and engaging work as part of our creative team. 

“Design is not just about aesthetics, but about solving problems and making the world a better place.”

Julia Morgan, Architect