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Keith Greene

Keith Greene

Performance Marketing Manager

Performance Marketing Manager Keith Greene has a knack for juggling tasks to drive website performance. He’s a former flair bartender, and if you’ve ever been to Las Vegas or seen the movie “Cocktail” you know that Keith pulls out all the stops whether he’s flipping bottles or optimizing content and paid search campaigns for our clients.
At Noble Studios, Keith manages campaign performance and ongoing SEO and paid ad optimizations. He’s a whiz at implementing keywords to ensure that every piece of content gets maximum visibility on search engines, and he’s always working behind the scenes to ensure measurables are utilized to drive traffic to clients’ websites.
Keith graduated from California State University Fullerton with a degree in communications. Before coming to Noble Studios, he worked as a marketing consultant, directing creative projects and social media strategies for several companies. He later moved into a position as marketing manager for Levity Entertainment, an entertainment production company, and led digital marketing efforts for large comedy and music venues. It was in this role that Keith honed his skills in performance marketing.

Outside of our creative digital performance lab, you’ll find Keith in the great outdoors enjoying sports such as skiing, hiking, and mountain biking. He’s an avid fitness buff, if, he insists, only to enjoy pizza guilt-free. The youngest of four brothers, Keith has pushed himself to be better his whole life. It’s why he’s such a great fit at Noble—a digital marketing company that strives to be better every day.

“You can’t change yesterday, so why let it affect your tomorrow?”

Personal Mantra