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Sarah Perry

Senior Performance Marketing Manager

As a senior performance marketing manager, Sarah Perry is the go-to for meticulous campaign management combined with staying within budget and still delivering high-quality work. Sarah optimizes and oversees advertising campaign budgets for our clients. She develops tactics for multiple service lines, such as SEO email marketing, and then reports the results back to our clients. Results like kickass conversion rates, stellar mobile view increases and jumps in qualified leads.

In short, Sarah helps clients achieve their marketing goals through digital efforts with measurable ROI.

Currently, Sarah works closely with many of our travel and tourism clients, including Visit Huntington Beach, Travel Nevada and Yosemite, among others.

A native of Rancho Santa Margarita in Orange County, Calif., Sarah attended Cal State Fullerton, where she studied communications with an emphasis in public relations. She minored in kinesiology in hopes of going into medicine but ultimately found the field didn’t allow for much creativity, so communications it was!

Before joining Noble, she worked for a digital marketing agency in San Luis Obispo for eight years, managing a team of marketing specialists and creating marketing plans while managing client budgets.

Outside of work, you can find Sarah outdoors. From hiking to biking to walking her dogs to paddleboarding, Sarah soaks up every minute of outdoor time she possibly can. She also enjoys drinking coffee, tasting wines, practicing yoga and reading. Sarah likes to tell people the earliest fact about her: she was born on Feb. 7 in seven hours in room number seven, weighing in at seven pounds, seven ounces.

“It always comes back to communication”

Sarah Perry