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Sayf Khidir

Sayf Khidir

Senior Creative Designer

Some call him Mr. Fix-It (his fiancé). Some call him a tinkering dilettante (self-titled). But here at Noble, we call Sayf—a master of design.

As a senior creative designer, Sayf uses his skills on web design projects, brand campaigns and visual branding. He’s always seeking new ways to connect clients and their audiences through visual storytelling, innovation, and authenticity. 

Sayf spent his childhood in Anaheim and Murrieta, California. After high school, he moved to Oceanside for his undergraduate studies, eventually transferring to San Francisco State University to earn a BS in Visual Communication Design and start his design career. After a ten-year stint in the Bay Area, Sayf is proud to call Reno home.

Sayf has created award-winning digital solutions for major brands, managed design teams for Fortune 500 companies, collaborated on major rebrands and helped bring campaigns to launch. His past roles are almost as numerous as his names (he has seven, by the way), and with a multidisciplinary background in web design, branding, creative direction, illustration, motion graphics and print design, he brings over fifteen years of experience to his position here at Noble. 

A Reno transplant, Sayf spends his days outdoors (camping, mountain biking, kayaking, snowboarding—once through an avalanche!) and experimenting in the kitchen. He’s an amateur woodworker and loves watching “This Old House,” plus horror/thriller movies.

“We take a handful of sand from the endless landscape of awareness around us and call that handful of sand the world.”

Robert M. Pirsig