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Connecting with 3D Innovators

Noble collaborated with frequent partner Autodesk to raise awareness around its newly redesigned AREA by Autodesk website, an online community for 3D enthusiasts in the fields of animation, games, film and TV, VFX, design visualization and advertising. Our goal was to create a campaign to launch the new website and encourage the target audience to join the community.

Connecting with 3D Innovators

Promoting an Inclusive Hub

AREA by Autodesk emphasizes the fact that it’s an inclusive community hub for 3D enthusiasts — not just artists — at all skill levels from students to studio heads. It’s a space for learning, connection and inspiration where all are welcome. We determined that the best course of action was to create engaging, fun traffic drivers using Autodesk’s new brand voice and highlight the new AREA experience, including the updates made to the site and the benefits for the community.

The campaign targeted students, artists, VFX supervisors, technical directors and producers as well as studio owners and CTOs.

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Two Key Opportunities

Drive visits to the newly redesigned website

Encourage downloads to the free iOS or Android app

autodesk marketing campaign

Drive visits to the newly redesigned website

Noble’s objective was to create an engaging brand awareness campaign, using Autodesk’s new brand voice, to highlight the new AREA by Autodesk experience. 

First, a little background. AREA by Autodesk is THE premier community for 3D creators—not just artists—at all skill levels from students to studio heads. It’s a hub for learning, connection and inspiration where all are welcome. Or, as Autodesk puts it, ”AREA is a place for everyone.” It’s as much about showing final finished renderings on personal profiles as it is about sharing works in progress and the creative process.

AREA makes it easy to share work, connect with industry colleagues and Autodesk experts and continue to grow as a creator through education. It’s to get inspiration, learn and connect as a community.

Seeking to raise awareness around the website, the campaign focused on English-speaking regions such as the U.S., Canada and the United Kingdom. The campaign’s aim was to speak to those who are not only current Autodesk users, but individuals who might use competitor products. These users may be interested in connecting with other creators, accessing educational content and even recruiting top 3D talent.

These friendly, engaging ads used images created by real-world Autodesk users and featured inclusivity in their messaging, i.e. “Your AREA to learn” and “A 3D community hub for all.” By stressing the inclusivity element, we spoke both to those who were already familiar with AREA and welcomed those who’d never used or heard of it before.

Encourage downloads to the free iOS or Android app

Our secondary goal with the campaign was to get more people to download the free AREA app for Android and iPhone. 

By showcasing and promoting user work, we showed how the site’s community profiles and traffic to them would play a much larger role than it had in the past. We also tapped into the existing culture of sharing that was already on the site, as people have used AREA for years to upload their own work along with tutorials to help other users.

We also highlighted how AREA encourages connecting with other community members and provides new tools and workflows from intro-level tutorials to article-style educational content and quizzes.

autodesk area facebook campaign

Underscoring the fact that Autodesk spent a long-time working with active AREA community members to optimize the new experience, we also shone a light on the fact that easy navigation and access is a centerpiece of the new product, so there are no barriers to connection—making it truly for everyone. 

In the end, our static display banners and various social ads helped drive users to the app download, meeting the campaign’s original goal. 

Autodesk Facebook marketing
Autodesk Facebook marketing
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