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Noble Studios Wins HSN Philanthropy Award for Nonprofit Digital Marketing Work with CSSNV

January 14, 2019

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At Noble Studios, we believe in making an impact–for our clients and our community. Each year, through our Noble Deeds program, we donate creative digital performance marketing services to a Nevada nonprofit organization in order to make an impact doing what we do best. This year, we selected an organization formerly known as Crisis Call Center.

Through our extensive work with the organization, we rebranded Crisis Call Center to Crisis Support Services of Nevada (CSSNV), developing a new brand strategy and identity, rebuilding their website and giving them the digital marketing tools to grow their impact across the state.

The nonprofit helps people in their darkest moments get to a better tomorrow by providing 24/7/365 support with the help of staff and volunteers. CSSNV helped more than 67,000 people across Nevada and the U.S. last year through the Crisis Call Center and Sexual Assault Support Services. Their new brand encompasses everything the organization has become over the last 50 years.

nonprofit digital marketing agencyWe are honored to be a part of their growth as an organization and even more honored that CSSNV Executive Director Rachelle Pellissier nominated us for the Special Recognition Award from Human Services Network (HSN). We don’t do this work for the applause. We do it for the love of our community. And as we accept this award and look ahead to the 2019 Noble Deeds application process, we wanted to talk to COO Season Lopiccolo about what this milestone means to her and the organization.

What does it mean to you that Noble Studios won an award for its philanthropic work in Nevada?

Season: It means we did what we set out to do: make an impact. I am so happy to hear that the work we do is helping the local nonprofits continue to impact our community in a positive way. Crisis Support Services of Nevada is an incredible organization that lives and breathes compassion into our community every day of the week (even holidays). We need to continue to keep our community informed of the good deeds our local nonprofits are doing because you never know who or when they might need them.

What stood out about Crisis Support Services of Nevada when they applied for the Noble Deeds program?

Season: In a world where celebrity suicides have become commonplace, where victims are publicly shamed by politicians and public figures, where #metoo and #whyididntreport are trending again and again, where our children have never been more connected and have never felt more alone, where we are all faced with countless forms of our own type of crisis, we felt there was no better way to make an impact in Nevada. Also, the team is supported by a great leader and board, who are extremely driven to make a difference.

When the Noble Deeds committee selects a Nevada nonprofit to work with, what are the key elements the committee is looking for?

Season: Impact. We review each submission with the lens of “What is the biggest impact we can make that falls within our skillset and wheelhouse?” Once we narrow down the applications, we interview the nonprofit organizations. We look for relevancy in the market and for passionate team members that can be good partners with us during the course of the project.

When you think about the future of the Noble Deeds program, what do you envision?

Season: Continuously moving to evolve as the community needs us and an effort to make the biggest impact we can. Ultimately, my personal goal would be to grow this division of Noble into something even larger with more funding to touch even more organizations across our state because there are so many we can help. It would also be a win if we could inspire other Nevada businesses and agencies to be more active within the nonprofit world.

The Noble Deeds program will begin accepting applications from Nevada nonprofits for the 2019 grant in February. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin, so you don’t miss the formal call for applications.

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