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How to Use Digital Video in E-Commerce

August 16, 2018

With the growth of platforms like Amazon and YouTube, we have seen the traditional shopping journey swapped for a more digital-centric experience. It is no wonder that video is replacing in-person experiences like window shopping, store clerks and instruction manuals. Digital video is one of the most flexible ways to express a brand’s message with possibilities that extend past paid marketing and can provide a superior e-commerce experience for customers.

Digital Video is The New Window Shopping

Whether you create it or not, the shopping journey begins with video. From learning how to fix a flat tire on your bike to watching your favorite beauty guru applying the latest lipstick, customers are turning to video for early-stage ideas and inspiration. A new article by Think with Google states that 80 percent of shoppers who watched a YouTube video that related to a planned purchase said they watched digital video at the beginning of their shopping process. This statistic reinforces the fact that digital video can be used as a technique for brand awareness, as well as the virtual version of window shopping.

Digital Video is The New Store Clerk

As the next step in the buyer’s journey, digital video can also take on the role of a store clerk. Once shoppers know what they are looking for, they will often seek advice from others on what to buy. This is where influencers have truly flourished in the online space. These relatable online personalities have built trust with their followers, allowing them to suggest products and brands to thousands (even millions) of followers. Over the last two years, “watch time” has grown by 10 times on “Shop with Me” videos on YouTube.

Digital Video is The New Instruction Manual

At this point, you may be thinking that video is only a tool to get a user to buy your product, but we are seeing this medium encourage engagement both pre-purchase and post-purchase. Think with Google tells us that when it comes to learning about new products, YouTube users are three times more likely to prefer watching a YouTube tutorial video than reading the product’s instructions. This gives us insight into our customer experience as a whole and how we can build loyalty over time. There has already been a trend by companies like PlayStation and Nikon transitioning to video user manuals.

Keep in mind, digital video is not a quick and easy one-size-fits-all solution. Your strategy should be defined for each audience and channel. For example, if your demographic data tells you that your audience is predominantly male 18-25 on YouTube, but women 20-35 on Instagram Stories, your videos should cater to these different audiences. In addition, make sure to consider where the user is in the buyer’s journey when they visit those channels and personalize your messaging accordingly.

Interested in learning more about how to use digital video effectively? Check out our recent article on video marketing. You can also contact us any time to discuss how we can partner on your digital video marketing strategy.

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