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Actionstep and Noble Studios: A Strategic Alliance for Legal Tech Excellence

June 1, 2024

Actionstep Announcement

We’re proud to announce our new strategic partnership with Actionstep, a leading global provider of cloud-based legal practice management software aimed at transforming legal operations and enhancing digital experiences for law firms around the world.

Revolutionizing Legal Tech: The Actionstep Evolution

Actionstep is the leading law firm management platform for midsize firms globally. 

Celebrating over 15 years as the world’s first true cloud-based practice management system, Actionstep empowers more than 38,000 law firm professionals worldwide. 

Designed to adapt to a firm’s unique strengths and goals, the platform helps modernize legal practices and build competitive advantages. Innovative, connected features include client intake, matter management, document management, time tracking, billing, accounting and business reporting. These tools enhance a firm’s efficiency, client satisfaction, profitability and growth management.

As Actionstep’s influence within the legal sector has grown, so has their realization of the need for a more robust brand strategy and online presence. 

Despite their advancements and a recently updated brand design, the existing brand elements and website need to fully capture and support the company’s evolving ambitions. 

The emerging challenge was clear: develop a cohesive digital experience through a new website to match a new brand strategy that effectively communicates Actionstep’s value and positioning within the competitive legal tech market.

Integrating New Design and Functionality for Actionstep

Despite advancements and a new logo, Actionstep’s brand elements and website weren’t aligning with its growing ambitions. The need for a unified digital experience to effectively convey their new brand strategy and value in the competitive legal tech market became clear.

In response, Actionstep partnered with Noble Studios to overhaul their website, a collaboration founded on shared values of innovation and client empowerment.

“We’re thrilled to expand our digital presence and enhance our platform’s usability with Noble Studios guiding us,” said Erin Victor, U.S. Marketing Director at Actionstep. “Their creative and strategic expertise is precisely why we chose them—they’re the perfect co-pilot for our journey of innovation and empowerment.”

To meet their objectives, we’ve begun crafting a tailored suite of solutions that extend far beyond aesthetic enhancements: 

  • Brand Strategy Development: The responsibility lies in bringing Actionstep’s brand strategy to life, building upon an initial strategy developed by another provider. This involves better adjusting the core brand elements to represent the company’s vision and market position.
  • Brand Book Creation: An extensive brand book for Actionstep will be developed, including detailed guidelines and building blocks for applying the visual identity across various channels and materials.
  • Visual Identity Enhancement: As part of the branding overhaul, Actionstep’s visual identity elements will be enhanced. This includes refining the color palette and potentially other visual elements to set Actionstep apart from its competitors.
  • Total Website Redesign: A comprehensive website redesign will improve aesthetics, functionality and search engine optimization to create a more seamless and engaging user experience.

Pioneering the Future of Legal Tech

“Actionstep’s drive towards innovation perfectly matches our ethos at Noble Studios,” Jarrod Lopiccolo, CEO and Co-Founder, expressed. “We’re looking forward to rolling up our sleeves and collaborating closely to bring their vision to life. This is the kind of work that gets us fired up—real change, real impact.”

This partnership between Noble Studios and Actionstep is more than a mere collaboration; it’s a bold stride toward future innovations in the legal field. 

By melding Noble’s expertise in creative digital performance marketing with Actionstep’s industry-leading technology and dedication to operational efficiency, we are together crafting a roadmap to success that promises substantial benefits for law firms worldwide. 

This alliance exemplifies the incredible outcomes that can be achieved when innovative technology is paired with visionary strategy, all aimed at empowering law firm professionals and revolutionizing legal practice management.

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