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Annie Wichert

Annie Wichert

Creative Content Writer

Noble’s Creative Content Writer Annie Wichert’s world is filled with many words, plenty of inspiration and a dash of serendipity—much like tuning into an episode of her favorite podcast, “Stuff You Should Know.” 

Just as the podcast “Stuff You Should Know” peels back layers of intriguing facts about the world, let’s also peel back the layers of Annie’s professional and personal life.

Annie’s writing career took root during her journalism studies at the University of Nevada, Reno, where she mastered the art of storytelling with a strategic edge and honed it as an editorial assistant and full-time journalist. 

This foundation laid the groundwork for her career, which blossomed at a full-service advertising agency. There, she fine-tuned her talent for weaving words across diverse media—from print to digital realms, including SEO content, blogs and social media platforms.

Originally from South Lake Tahoe, Annie has maintained an affinity for quiet, scenic settings that deeply inform her creative approach and shape her personal time spent hiking local trails and exploring new destinations with her husband.

Annie was drawn to Noble Studios by our “Be Better Every Day” ethos, a principle she embraces fully in her daily life. Whether she’s volunteering with the Northern Nevada Walk to End Alzheimer’s, practicing Pilates, or losing herself in a good book, Annie consistently embodies a spirit of ongoing growth and self-improvement.

Annie’s passions extend beyond her writing to include chocolate—a love so deep that she famously split her wedding cake down the middle with vanilla to cater to both her and her husband’s preferences.

Finally, Annie is your go-to person if you’re looking for Julia Roberts movie recommendations (she and her friend are watching and ranking each of her movies) or hoping to pick the next winning lotto numbers. Her knack for luck isn’t just folklore; it’s a proven track record. Annie has won several raffles and even won a radio contest, earning her a trip to California.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

Oscar Wilde