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Kelsey Hannah

Kelsey Audas

Associate Director, Client Experience

As Associate Director, Client Experience, great communication is top priority to Kelsey Audas, and to her benefit, she’s an expert in the matter. Serving as a bridge between Noble and our B2B clients, she guides strategy, celebrates successes and ensures that a client’s priorities are both conveyed and championed. Her work with Envestnet, Operative and Medcor has showcased her passion for both organizational and interpersonal communication.

Kelsey’s interests were developed during her undergraduate studies at University of Nevada, Reno, where she obtained her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Management. She honed her research, sales, leadership and strategic thinking skills even further at Ohio University where she got her MBA and a Master of Sport Administration.

After finishing her education, she continued her on-the-job learning through her work for the Washington Football Team as a community and charitable programs coordinator. It was here that she cut her teeth on the fast-paced balancing act of handing non-stop deliverables with liaising with stakeholders and tracking KPIs. She further developed her communication skills by active listening and becoming a quick-witted problem solver. There, she implemented a virtual learning environment for students in rural communities via Zoom. As the marketing manager for Topgolf, she drove revenue and learned the ins and outs of strategic planning, all while serving as the sole point of contact for media, sponsorship and event activations. Unfortunately, she didn’t improve her golf game.

When she’s not on the job, Kelsey loves hanging with her golden retriever, Mack (named for UNR’s stadium) and her significant other, Jay. They spend their time, exploring the great outdoors, including their Reno Tahoe backyard, and checking off destinations on her quest to visit all national parks. When inside, Kelsey loves cooking and baking, as well as creating over-the-top crafts and planning decadent parties. (She’ll even calligraphy the invitations herself!). Many of which are to support her favorite teams, the Lakers, Rams, Vegas Golden Knights and Nationals. We’re hoping we’re on the guest list for the next one.

“When life gives you lemonade, make lemons. Life will be all like ‘whaaaaat.'”

Phil Dunphy
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