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Lisa Holden

Lisa Holden

Recruitment & Human Resources Compliance Manager

Recruitment and Human Resources Compliance Manager Lisa Holden always says if she isn’t growing and improving, she feels stagnant. So it’s no surprise that when she answered our call for an HR Manager to help grow the company, it was a perfect match. Noble Studios is, after all, a team of creative digital performance renegades who strive to be better every day.

In her role at Noble, Lisa does more than navigate the ins and outs of human resources. She is our champion of employee happiness and wellbeing. She smoothes the challenges we face in the workplace, helps us get the best use of our benefits and benchmarks salaries. In short, Lisa is Noble Studios’ biggest advocate.

Lisa is also a huntress, a wild bear if you will, who beats the streets looking for the most expert and talented people to fill Noble job openings. So if you’re a badass, digital marketing pioneer, she may just sniff you out. Because being better every day isn’t about performance; it’s about people. And with a motley, amazing crew of qualified professionals, Noble Studios can raise the bar on projects, deliverables and services for our ever-growing list of clients.

Lisa grew up in Ventura County, CA, and attended CSU Long Beach, earning a BA in Applied Psychology and an MS in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. Before coming to Noble, she worked at several forward-thinking startups helping them rethink communication strategies and grow employee numbers. By the time Lisa left those companies, each had evolved from a startup to a large corporation of over 100 talented individuals. Now she’s dedicated her expertise to Noble Studios.

Outside of the workplace, Lisa and her husband are affectionately known as the ”king and queen of hobbies.” She has a knack for everything! From camping, hiking and fishing to combing the Nevada desert for long-lost ghost towns, Lisa is truly a Jill of all trades. She’s even competed in equestrian vaulting, a one-of-a-kind sport involving gymnastic feats via horseback, and won a silver medal in the national championships! Needless to say, Lisa nails it in every category.

“A positive attitude gives you power over your circumstances instead of your circumstances having power over you.”