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Matt Crisp

Matt Crisp

Senior Web Developer

Can you be an educator and a student at the same time? Absolutely, according to Senior Web Developer Matt Crisp, who has spent most of his career and education in the field of learning via technology.

As a developer, Matt creates and maintains websites for clients such as Tahiti Tourisme, Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance and Visit Newport Beach. Besides optimizing sites for improved performance and staying up to date with emerging web technologies, Matt enjoys finding effective and efficient solutions to implement client requests while ensuring an optimal user experience.

Prior to Noble, Matt developed an international communications and collaboration platform for the sales, legal and engineering teams at Advanced Semiconductor Engineering. He also worked at the Training Spectrum, designing and developing e-learning solutions for various industries before transitioning to web apps and marketing/e-commerce solutions.

Matt was drawn to Noble by the company’s motto, “Let’s Be Better Every Day,” which resonates with him. He says he loves being part of a team dedicated to supporting that goal.

A native of Silicon Valley and Monterey Bay, Matt holds a B.S. in Instructional Technology, a field that called to him at a time when the web was emerging as a promising tool for delivering effective training. He says this background provides him with “a unique perspective on marketing, with a focus on using technology to create informed consumers.”

When he’s not coding, Matt is an avid SCUBA diver, having taught it for more than 20 years including 10 years as a volunteer at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. His most rewarding experience has been to teach special needs young people to SCUBA dive. He also enjoys riding bikes, playing golf and shooting black and white film photography.

Matt is happy to ham it up, but only for large audiences. He’s also great with tools and knows how to fashion a deadly accurate squirt gun using just his hands and some water.

“When one man, for whatever reason, has the opportunity to lead an extraordinary life, he has no right to keep it to himself.”

Jacques Cousteau