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Stephen Erdelyi

Stephen Erdelyi

Senior Web Developer

Web developer Stephen Erdelyi supports Noble Studios’ clients as a Senior Web Developer on the Technical Services team. Writing and maintaining code in a variety of languages for a myriad of projects, Stephen works with his POD to ensure that our clients are getting better performance today than they did yesterday. Our technical services team strives to express the soul of our clients and their businesses with clarity—creating seamless user experiences and websites that leave lasting impressions. Before this dexterous developer joined Noble, Stephen worked as a web development intern for the University of Nevada, Reno’s marketing and communications department, helping launch the college’s latest website redesign as well as other projects that help new students get around campus.

Stephen attended Truckee Meadows Community College High School, obtaining an associate’s degree when he graduated. Soon after, he headed to the University of Nevada, Reno, and received a bachelor’s degree in computer science. With a strong understanding of the fundamentals of software development and its evolution, Stephen was able to hit the ground running and jump directly into client work to support Noble and his POD.

What he’s most excited about here at Noble, though, is to learn the latest web tools and technologies that Noble is famous for utilizing (his words, we swear!). He’s already quickly integrated and ready to make a positive impact on Noble’s forever evolving creative digital performance model. It takes dedicated humans like these to humanize data. Plain and simple.

A huge web nerd, Stephen codes for fun and enjoys creating his own little projects in his spare time. He doesn’t watch T.V., he doesn’t play games, he doesn’t read unless it’s a Stack Overflow page—he’s the square of all squares; simply obsessed with all things development, Disney, Apple and Tesla. He created his first web dev server on a LAMP stack in 5th grade and it was pretty much over from then on. He loves being square, and he’s gonna keep it that way (we don’t want him to change, either).

“Put a dent in the universe.”

Steve Jobs