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Meet the 2022 Noble Studios Digital Marketing Interns

August 19, 2022

noble interns 2022

We’re focused on being Better Every Day, and that mission doesn’t end at our agency’s doors or at our fingertips hitting the keyboard. Sometimes it means being Better Every Day for bigger issues like sustainable tourism or the role of diversity, equity and inclusion in marketing. Or one of the biggest issues of all, helping the next generation of creative digital performance marketers find their sea legs.

Our time with this year’s interns, Stephanie Melsheimer and Aryan Shukla, is up. They both wowed us with their passion for the industry and willingness to be fearless and humble in learning tasks that were foreign to them. 

We asked each of them to share their experiences in a mini-Q&A about their time as Noble Studios interns. 

Meet Stephanie Melsheimer

Stephanie will be a senior at California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly), located in beautiful San Luis Obispo, California. She is majoring in Communications with a minor in Event Planning and Experience Management. During her time with us, Stephanie worked on a variety of projects, including search engine optimization. On National Intern Day, she made a killer Instagram story about the day in the life of a Noble Studios intern. 

What made you decide to intern at Noble Studios?

I have had Noble Studios on my radar for quite some time. I decided to take the plunge and intern because of the awesome culture. I was looking for a summer internship to sharpen my skills in what I already feel comfortable in, writing and designing. I also wanted to expand my marketing knowledge by being exposed to a plethora of new and exciting types of work.

What is something you worked on at Noble that you felt passionate about? 

Working on SEO page optimizations and page prompts for Visit San Luis Obispo was super cool for me since I live and attend school there! It felt so great knowing that I was working on a project that will impact the community I’m a part of, which I think translated into my work. I found myself being able to add a twist on the content that could only be brought by a local. All in all, while I loved being able to work with every client that I helped out with and knowing that I was helping their business, working on SLO was definitely close to my heart.

Do you feel you pushed the boundaries of your comfort zone? 

Absolutely. As a Communication Studies major, I specialize in all things liberal arts but find myself shying away from anything number related. Throughout my internship, my eyes have been opened to just how many analytical parts there are to performance marketing. Working on analytics and doing things that I previously would have considered far outside of my realm, like updating broken links on a website, has made me feel considerably more confident in my skills and broadened my marketing knowledge. 

Do you have a six-word story about an experience you had during your internship?

Keep your key on a keyring.”

I was just always forgetting my key at home. Too many times, I had to wait outside the door for someone to let me in because I didn’t have my key with me. Not my proudest moment, but definitely one I’ve learned from.

Meet Aryan Shukla

Aryan is an incoming junior at the University of Southern California, located in the heart of Los Angeles, and is studying Computer Science and Business Administration with a minor in Advertising! He spent his time with Noble Studios working on technical services projects related to web development. One of the things that Aryan excelled at is his ability to perform THOROUGH quality checks on websites. He has a detailed eye for finding even the smallest of issues. This is a natural gift, and we are grateful to him for sharing it.

What made you decide to intern at Noble Studios?

I actually heard of Noble Studios a couple of years ago when a teacher at my high school put me in touch with the agency as part of a required senior internship program. When that program was canceled because of the COVID-19 global pandemic, I realized that I was missing out on something great. When I had the opportunity to intern this year, I asked if I could learn all about web development and marketing. Noble Studios has an AMAZING culture, and I couldn’t be more glad that I got a second chance. 

Were you ever surprised about your intern experience? 

Definitely! There was one specific project where I initially had absolutely no idea how to even start. I was able to figure out how to develop a solution to a point where it was actually delivered to the client, which definitely made me feel a lot more confident! It’s a great feeling to know that something I did had a positive impact. The people around me have been teaching me so much! 

What did you gain from your internship experience?

SO MUCH. Knowledge-wise, I came into this internship having no web development experience whatsoever and I now feel quite confident with a lot of the relevant systems. I feel like I’ve developed an entirely new skill set. That’s not to mention, I’ve met so many absolutely amazing and smart people and made connections that I very much hope to hold onto. Mostly, I’ve learned how important it is to not be harsh on yourself if something goes wrong. It’s easy to learn to do good work when you feel comfortable asking questions if a mistake happens. 

Do you feel you pushed the boundaries of your comfort zone? How?

I was absolutely terrified coming into this internship; I had no idea what I was doing and definitely didn’t feel prepared. But slowly, I became confident asking for help or struggling with projects enough to figure out how to complete them. I quickly realized that being at least a bit uncomfortable is a prerequisite to learning. 

We’re very proud of both of their accomplishments the past few months, and happy for them to have gained some experience. We wish both of them well in their marketing careers moving forward. 

Interested in a Noble Studios Digital Marketing Internship, send us a note on our Contact Us page.

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