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Data Privacy Audits As A Differentiator 

January 28, 2022

data privacy audits

As our world becomes more and more reliant on the digital universe, data privacy is a prevalent (and legitimate) concern for everyone from casual users to the savviest cyber explorers. In an effort to promote data privacy, the Council of Europe initiated Data Privacy Day. The inaugural observance of Data Privacy Day was held on January 28, 2007, as European Data Protection Day. 

Fifteen years later, privacy laws like GDPR and CCPA are widely viewed positively by consumers. Still, consumers feel they cannot protect their personal information and blame companies for not being forthcoming about how their data is used. From unsubscribing from an email list to having their data sold to any and all bidders to sensitive databeing leaked, plenty of unscrupulous companies make it challenging for users to manage their data. This consumer sentiment is a driver for Apple’s 2021 iOS 15 updates that included significant data privacy control features.

A recent article from Forbes highlights how implementing basic information security business processes can help remove reputational risks in data handlingThe article suggests analyzing risk assessment through the lens of regulations, data collection and storage, and business-critical issues like costs. Risk management is critical and typically begins with a data privacy audit. 

Data Privacy Audit 

A data privacy audit can help a company organize its data protection policies. The audit helps the company spot weaknesses and enables it to comply with all of the relevant laws. 

Typically an audit would include a survey of every component and channel used to identify potential risk. While templated checklists can be found online, ultimately, it needs to be tailored to an individual company and its unique online footprint. 

Data Privacy Audit Program

Implementing a data privacy audit can be tedious and time-consuming. In 2021, our cross-disciplinary team of service line leaders formed a data privacy team to determine ways we could help our clients with information security and regulatory requirements. Noble Studios can assist you and look for areas you need to address data privacy fundamentals and more. 

Our Data Privacy Audit Program incorporates elements from technical components of your website to assistance with cookie deployment to paid advertising privacy concerns. A prioritized plan can be created from the data privacy audit to address the shortcomings. 

  • Identify areas that can be addressed internally and which can be outsourced
  • Generate a basic privacy compliance checklist
  • Identify digital solutions like cookie policy generators, privacy policies, site audits, etc.
  • Review privacy and data processing policies from third parties, including CCPA and GDPR
  • Reflect core practices versus basic consumer rights

The internet will continue to expand in ways we can’t imagine yet, and dishonest actors will look for even more ways to exploit users in these new spaces. As they do, users will become even more frustrated and will find solace in the companies that are looking out for them. 

Contact us to stay ahead of the changes and to build trust for your privacy data program.

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