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Shoulder Season Traveler Persona Research

Increase visits to your destination with the “Between Extremes: Targeting the Shoulder Season Traveler”

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should season travel industry research

Discover the distinct personas driving off-peak travel and how to maximize your marketing impact.

The talk of the town? Shoulder season.

The real game-changer? Knowing how to tap into it.

Our research is not just another report — it’s the playbook for the modern destination marketer looking to maximize shoulder season visitation.

Dive into a deep understanding of the personas spearheading off-peak travel. From spontaneous weekenders to tranquil retreat seekers, you’ll meet the traveler personas shaping the shoulder season.

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Download your copy now and unwrap data-rich insights. Elevate your marketing, master the shoulder season and start converting web visitors to real-life visitors.

Key Takeaways:

  • Identify the six main shoulder season traveler personas based on 1,000+ consumer surveys
  • Discover the tailored messaging and offerings that resonate most with each persona
  • Learn strategic recommendations to boost shoulder season bookings
  • Gain insights into promoting authentic, crowd-free experiences
  • Understand how to incentivize impulsive travel decisions
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