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Noble Studios Launches New Brand and Website for Nationwide Nonprofit

January 15, 2021

Green Our Planet mockup
With the new year upon us, it’s important to plant seeds for the future and seize the chance to grow at every opportunity. Led by that mantra, we’re pleased to reintroduce Green Our Planet with their new brand and website.

Our 2020 Noble Deeds recipient, Green Our Planet, was selected because of their passion for using STEAM instruction and by extension, school gardens, to transform a student’s education. The organization also marks our first Southern Nevada based Noble Deeds recipient, since the opening of our downtown Las Vegas office.

“At the beginning of March, we felt like we hitched a ride on the Noble Studios sleigh that took us on a wild ride over hill and dale, that was inspiring, thought-provoking, and exhilarating,” said Ciara Byrne, co-founder of Green Our Planet. “This new brand and website will help us create a national movement to inspire millions of students, teachers and community members across the country to love and care for our planet.”

Branding that Tells a Story

All education starts with a seed. When children learn about STEAM through hands-on lessons in the garden or through the virtual academy, a gateway is opened right in front of their eyes – from the soil to the stars.

By connecting a student with nature, conservation and beyond, they develop a better understanding of the world – and universe – at large. And carry that appreciation with them for the rest of their lives.

We started our work with Green Our Planet with our brand strategy process so we could not only understand their mission, but also develop a brand platform that truly represented who they are.

Next we worked with the organization to enhance their brand messaging. This included developing a responsive brand platform designed to grow with the organization, new taglines and brand scripts to encourage overall consistency and outlining guiding principles to support them into the future.

Using what we learned, we developed a new Green Our Planet logo that encompassed the organization’s brand messaging in a visually stimulating way. Taking the overall brand goals into consideration, we showcased the wonder of our planet and how the universe inspires in us all.

Side by side of Green Our Planet's old and new logo

A Website that Inspires Awe

One of Green Our Planet’s goals was ensuring that their website properly told their brand story, while also offering the flexibility to grow and adapt with them as they add programs and functionality.

The highly sought after educational program needed to attract new donors and volunteers to ensure that they can help as many people as possible. Their website needed to better represent their mission, while also being flexible enough to grow with them. We worked with the co-founders to develop a streamlined website that clearly showcased their objectives while making navigation seamless and user friendly.

Using bold imagery and captivating animation, we highlighted the main elements of their brand while showcasing the connection between “the soil and the stars.”

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Growing Together

The project as a whole was extremely rewarding, not just for our team, but for Green Our Planet as well.

“Our team loves working with our Noble Deeds partners, because it makes such a huge impact on our Nevada communities,” said B.C. LeDoux, CCO and Managing Director of Noble Studios’ Las Vegas Office, “And Green Our Planet is filled with such passionate people who are doing amazing work teaching kids here and across the country to love and care for our planet. As a company that takes Earth Day off, that was special to us, and it was an honor to work with their dynamic team.”

Applications are open for this year’s Noble Deeds, so don’t hesitate to jump on the opportunity to revamp your nonprofit’s brand strategy for the new year.

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