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Our Updated Approach to Working From Home During Coronavirus

July 28, 2020

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Update: July 28, 2020

In March, we adjusted the way we conduct business in accordance with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) as our offices across the globe began working from home. Initially, our team anticipated an office return date of April, then July and now we’re looking at a return date later this year when it is safe to do so.

While an air of uncertainty still remains, we’re proud to announce that our teams across the globe are still weathering the storm from remote locations, serving our clients passionately like we always have, just virtually and usually with a fun Zoom background.

And for the green thumbs out there who were wondering, many of the office plants that lived in our Reno headquarters have since been taken home or receive weekly check-ups from our operations team. If our office plants can weather this storm, so can we.

So, what’s changed for our team as we navigate a remote workforce that’s stuck around longer than we could’ve imagined?

To maintain our culture (and our sanity), we’re still doing things like:

  • Encouraging team members to use their vacation time to relax and reset.
  • Sending our teams across the globe care packages and thank you notes for their hard work during this time.
  • Providing each individual on our team with sweet Noble branded face masks and hand sanitizer.
  • Extending our remote working conditions to team members who would like to do so permanently, even when the global pandemic lightens up.
  • Having an ongoing trivia game with topics changing weekly.
  • Hosting virtual happy hours, which we still call Beer Thirty.
  • Doing move Monday’s which include guided stretches, workouts or yoga.
  • Pairing the team up with others outside their usual working POD for coffee chats.
  • Participating in show and tell as we virtually explore the homes of our team.
  • Growing and expanding our #somegoodnews, #pets, #homebrewing and other novelty Slack channels, so employees can continue to connect over more than deadlines.
  • Setting clear expectations about availability and communication.
  • Continuing to lead meetings with purpose and clear agendas.
  • Trying to keep it light and have some levity mixed in. We want to be sensitive but not serious. Hence the ongoing trivia game.
  • Helping each other out in new ways every day.

We’re still continuing to look for ways to encourage one another, to be brave, vulnerable, smart and compassionate as we weather this ongoing storm. Our stance remains the same, we want to embody the Noble way in everything we do, that includes taking time to make meaningful connections with our team and our clients. And as our team has proven over the past few months, we’ve come together and we will come out stronger and better.

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