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Reno Mayor Declares Noble Deeds Day

May 17, 2019

Mayor Hillary L. Schieve of Reno, Nev. proclaimed April 10, 2019, Noble Deeds Day in honor of Noble Studios’ commitment to having a lasting impact on the community through our Noble Deeds program.

“The recognition that the Noble Deeds program has received this year has been incredible,” said Danielle Christenson, chair of the Noble Deeds committee. “We don’t do this work for the applause, but we are truly honored that the mayor declared an official day to recognize the pro bono work we do in the state of Nevada.”

When Noble Studios opened its doors in 2003, one of our biggest guiding principles was to ensure that our success was not only measured in client portfolios but in being active corporate citizens, as well. This meant helping other organizations that had a deep-rooted and long-lasting impact on the state of Nevada and the people in it.

Through this guiding principle, Noble Deeds was born. It manifested itself in a number of different ways— cleaning up trash, painting walls, rebuilding hiking trails—but we soon realized that the biggest impact we could make was through our creative digital performance skills. Every year, our team donates hundreds of hours of pro bono digital marketing services to a nonprofit in Nevada. Depending on the nonprofit, and how many resources we have in-house, some years we are lucky enough to help out even more than just one.

After extensive deliberations already this year, we will be announcing the 2019 Noble Deeds recipient in the next couple weeks. Be sure to check to find out which Nevada nonprofit organizations we will be working with this year!

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