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Noble Studios Looks Onward to 2020 and Beyond

December 30, 2019

To stay noble, you need to work every day to be better. And we’ve spent the last 365 days striving to do just that. With 2020 in grasp, you better believe we’ve been looking forward to the days ahead, identifying which trends to expect and where we are headed as an agency.


This buzzword is not going anywhere. Providing users personally relevant content and messaging for better online experiences will only become more and more of a brand diffierator as time goes on. With it comes increased concerns over user privacy.


Balancing privacy with personalization will be critical as the United States moves closer to adopting laws similar to the European Union’s GDPR we saw implemented in 2019. California’s own version of the GDPR will go into effect January 1, 2020, and serves as a signal to future laws that’ll impact the industry moving forward. Noble Studios is committed to providing relevant personalization to users so they have the best possible experience with our services while ensuring our strategies and tactics are ethical and transparent.

Meaningful Account Based Marketing

Leveraging the power of personalization, we see a future where ABM will be less of a headache when trying to reach multiple decision makers in a sale. It will be more meaningful and connective for all parties involved. Because the future of digital marketing won’t be marketing one to thousands, it’ll be marketing one to one.

Thoughts and Predictions for the Decade

If the last 15 years in the world of digital have taught me anything, it’s that no matter what new innovations we think are coming, we don’t know a thing until they finally come. How we adopt the next wave of digital innovation will be telling of where we are headed as a society, but based off this last decade alone, these are some of the thoughts and predictions I’m most excited to see play out.

  • I’m personally excited to see the role facial recognition software will play in consumerism. Virtual reality and augmented reality are going to have a second chance to come about.
  • We will be wise to continue being weary about machine learning and AI technologies – in terms of removing our individualities. Ex: subjective texts – we risk changing our individuality and melding with everyone else. It’s still exciting of course, but we have to remain careful about losing our own creativity and humanity that’s allowed for so much innovation in the first place.
  • The roll out of 5G is currently a wide pipe with a short distance, but we are well on our way to experiencing bigger and better bandwidth. In its current form, 5G only works in relation to proximity to your nearest cell phone tower. When we’re on the move, we lose bandwidth, so until a beacon that’s mobile along with us is developed, potentially through our phones and cars, the adoption of 5G at scale will have all sorts of consequences.
  • Looking at things in the long term, I can see a world with places where there is no tech, for the need to be reconnected with people in physical spaces. Especially in the travel and tourism industry where people can escape to destinations for in-tune, connected experiences.
  • At some point, we will have to face the monopolies we are allowing to grow right now with Google, Amazon, and Facebook/Instagram when they no longer feel friendly. A shake up will surely have its effects on the industry and digital space as we’ve come to know it.

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