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Noble Studios Wins Travel Nevada Brand and Creative Contract 

September 16, 2022

noble studios travel nevada creative announcement

We are thrilled to announce that Noble Studios has been awarded the brand and creative contract for Travel Nevada, the state’s destination marketing organization (DMO). We’re eager and enthusiastic to expand the travel and tourism marketing we currently do for our beloved state as a destination for travelers worldwide.

Noble Studios has been the digital agency of record for Travel Nevada since 2018, responsible for the website and managing digital performance strategies. This new agreement expands our scope to handle brand strategy, as well as create new marketing campaigns beginning in 2023.

“As a Nevada agency, expanding our representation of Travel Nevada is a great honor for us,” said Jarrod Lopiccolo, CEO and partner of Noble Studios. “We are passionate about sharing this amazing place with the world. Being able to influence both the digital efforts and brand for Travel Nevada is special. When aspects of an organization’s marketing are in sync, connecting with potential travelers in memorable ways leads to conversion.”

Homegrown Travel and Tourism Creative Agency

The Noble team displayed its wealth of experience in travel and tourism, and enthusiasm and knowledge of the Silver State to achieve the highest scores and win the account. We combined our creative digital savvy, interpretation of research and analytics for current trends and traveler psychology, with breakthrough creative providing an example of where Travel Nevada’s brand could aspire.

“The Travel Nevada team has done a phenomenal job building the brand over the years, and we’re eager to collaborate with them,” said B.C. LeDoux, CCO, managing director and partner of Noble Studios. “We’re looking forward to implementing inventive methods to merge creativity and technology to develop personally relevant experiences for travelers today, to share meaningful and memorable stories.”

“We’ve had a great working relationship with Noble Studios over the years and are excited to collaborate even further with their team,” said M.E. Kawchack, chief deputy director of Nevada Department of Tourism & Cultural Affairs. “Noble Studios understands the nuances of Nevada and how to effectively market it to attract visitors. We look forward to continuing our work with them in the creative space.” 

Indeed, it has been a productive relationship. Noble Studios worked on everything from email marketing to a complete website redesign to innovative thinking like Travel Nevada Road Trips. Since 2018, our shared awards have already reached double digits.

Shaping the Brand For the Future of Travel

Together with Travel Nevada, we’ll be exploring the future of travel and what it may hold for travelers. As the world becomes more connected than ever before, technology is making it easier for people to travel and experience new places.

Travelers are increasingly seeking personally relevant experiences reflective of who they are and what they believe. We’re already seeing changing trends in LGBTQ+ travel, tremendous growth in pet-friendly travel, the importance of sustainable travel and the continued rise in the spending power of demographic groups like Hispanic Americans for travel and tourism

We’re inspired to work with Travel Nevada on this project. We know that together we can create a compelling, engaging and informative experience together for Nevada’s visitors and tourism industry.

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