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Generate Leads for Your Business With These 3 Tips

August 19, 2020

B2B Lead Generation Tools for Marketers
Despite coronavirus’s impact on business, brands have a tremendous opportunity to connect with customers and meet their rapidly changing needs. If they don’t, consumers are increasingly more willing to move onto the next business that can meet their needs.

Kim Spalding, Director of Product Management, Small Business Ads at Google, states in a recent article that an Ipsos survey found nearly 32 percent of consumers had shopped online with a brand recently that they had previously not engaged with before COVID-19.

As a certified Google Premier digital marketing agency, we found that Google’s look at tapping into search to generate leads inspired us to think of ways to secure your best leads with the use of certain Google ad formats and Google’s custom intent feature.


1. To Generate Leads, Start With The Basics

Consumer search behavior has drastically changed over the past few months, so it’s pretty safe to assume that identifying shifts in consumer demand is a bit of a mixed bag. Google suggests sticking to some basics to help you respond to these changes successfully.

  • Use Google’s intent feature to maximize combinations of signals that allow you and your teams to develop solutions in real-time.
  • Identify new audiences to generate leads through the use of strategic display advertisements and personalized discovery ads to generate leads.
  • Observe creative best practices set by Google and strategically think about your messaging for consumers searching for new brands.
  • Utilize Google’s optimization score and performance planner to adjust bids and budgets to stand up against changing demand.

2. Meet The Needs of Your Leads

Customers appreciate different options for communication. In March, Google found that one in three shoppers prefer to buy from a brand that offers multiple ways of connection, such as web forms or calls. Identify various ways for users to connect with your brand to ensure you’re effectively capturing and identifying the best leads for your business.

For businesses that rely heavily on phone traffic for leads, Google offers call ads that encourage users to call for additional information. Or for companies that rely on web form submissions, Google also offers lead form extensions to help drive users to connect with your business and convert. Lead form extensions allow users to easily share information when they find relevant information about your brand from YouTube, Search or Discovery.

3. Identify Lead Value

Even with all the leads in the world, you still need those leads to drive sales to measure your success. Google is actively working on a feature that will allow businesses to easily integrate customer relationship management (CRM) systems so you can import offline conversions to capture higher-intent customers.

Google doesn’t stop there. They also have announced several updates to Customer Match lists, including the new ability to create similar audiences to identify potential customers, and improvements to match rates for better troubleshooting.


Better B2B Marketing Lead Generation With Noble Studios


If identifying quality leads for your business is top of mind, we’ve got teams of B2B marketing experts to help. Contact us today to capture the best leads for your business. 

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