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Noble Studios Launches New Website With Nevada Nonprofit, Communities In Schools of Nevada

January 26, 2023

CIS of Nevada new website

Just 81.7% of Nevada’s students graduate high school or receive a GED. Without this base level of achievement, whether they attend college or not, students can experience diminished job opportunities, career advancement and access to healthcare. 

Changing this one metric can have a tangible impact on the lives of Nevada’s youth statewide. This is a major reason why Communities In Schools (CIS) of Nevada was chosen as our 2022 Noble Deeds recipient. 

We recently unveiled their new website, and it is already impacting how CIS of Nevada serves our state’s students and families. 

“Noble Studios’ philanthropic program, Noble Deeds, has truly transformed the way we tell our story,” says Tami Hance-Lehr, CEO and State Director of Communities In Schools of Nevada. “The Noble Deeds team designed an all-encompassing hub for students, families, community members, supporters, and employees that shares the heart and passion of our work. Because our nonprofit has experienced unprecedented growth over the last three years, we needed a platform that amplified our story. This dynamic website has elevated our brand and awareness, allowing us to make good on our goal of seeing that every student in Nevada is given the equal opportunity to achieve in school and in life.”

A Teaching Moment About Communities In Schools

Community In Schools (CIS) is a national nonprofit dedicated to helping students in high-needs schools, empowering them to stay on track for a successful future. CIS currently serves 1.56 million students across 2,300 schools nationwide, providing resources for these students to stay in school and achieve in life.

CIS of Nevada, the statewide arm of the organization, actively works in 92 schools, impacting nearly 90,000 students throughout the western, southern and northeastern regions of Nevada. 

Learn more about more how CIS of Nevada is impacting the lives of Nevada’s youth.  

CIS of Nevada before after

How Noble Deeds Supported Nevada’s Kids in 2022

The ultimate goal of CIS of Nevada is to expand its reach and support even more students across the state by increasing its presence in more schools and, ultimately, raising graduation rates throughout the state.

In support of that goal of expansion across the state, the new website creates a dynamic online space where current and potential stakeholders can learn about CIS of Nevada’s mission, impact, and how people can get involved. It’s designed to be a resource hub as much as a storytelling tool. The website gives each office across the state a distinctive section to share what they offer to students and is built to scale and evolve as the organization embarks on this growth phase. 

CIS of Nevada’s Website Is a Star Student

After understanding the goals and priorities of CIS of Nevada, Noble Studios’ UX designers, developers and content writers set out to create a truly unique website to help the organization tell its story in a compelling way to students, parents, schools, donors and government officials. 

A few key elements of the new site include:

  • A new navigation to help the target audiences get to the information they need faster 
  • A quick-to-load, performance-driven code base and design for easy access across devices
  • A user-friendly design focused on accessibility and flexibility to allow the pages and layouts to scale as the organization does
  • Ultimate content editing flexibility to update pages with multimedia and new information as the organization grows and evolves
CIS of Nevada new website subpage

All told, Noble Studios has helped Communities In Schools of Nevada build an online presence that showcases the organization’s mission and impact while also providing the space for growth. The new website is a tremendous resource for students and families, and it’s helping CIS of Nevada reach more kids in Nevada. 

If you’re interested in seeing what other kinds of work we can do, this was hardly our first rodeo. See our other web development projects and capabilities.

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