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SEO Siloing Plugin: The SEO Solution To Improve Your Rankings

December 7, 2020

SEO siloing
As the internet grows, confounding us with unlimited information on every perceivable topic, so too have search engines grown more sophisticated at filtering that information for users. In some regards, we should be thankful. How frustrating it would be to type in a simple search such as “how to roast eggplant” and get results that vary from recipes to x-rated unmentionables!

Things have changed, and Google has learned from the internet’s early days when such search results were common. Search engines have refined their algorithms to comb through content and rank results based on a complicated mixture of keywords, relevancy, and…the parent website’s site structure and organization. Bet you didn’t know that last one, did you?

It’s true. Gone are the days when an SEO strategy of simply placing target keywords throughout a well-written article ensured it ranked on page one of Google.

Fear not! If you’re looking for a way to improve your SEO strategy and page ranking, Noble Studios has got you covered. We’ve developed an innovative new WordPress siloing plugin that will get your content closer to the top of page one on Google and give users what they are looking for – YOUR marvelous content!

Content Silos and the Value for SEO

What is Content Siloing?

Simply put, siloing is a way to strategically organize your website by grouping content under a specific URL structure, and it has tremendous SEO value.

Siloing is similar to topic clusters but takes it one step further. While topic clusters focus on grouping content by theme, so that pages spin-off parent pages, siloing takes that topic clustered content and silos it into an organized, repeating URL folder structure.

For example, let’s say you have an outdoor gear website with a ton of pages on outdoor activities, but they are disorganized and the URLs inconsistent. Maybe the URLs for your pages and blog posts look something like this:

  • /products/cool-tents/
  • /locations/campsites/
  • /blog/fun-outdoor/games/

To silo your content, we want to create brand new URLs and organize your site so that all related content is grouped under a specific URL structure. After siloing, your page URLs would look more like this:

  • /camping/cool-tents/
  • /camping/campsites/
  • /camping/fun-outdoor-games/

By keeping your related content grouped under the same parent content page across post types (regardless of whether they are blog posts or pages), the almighty Google will recognize you as a subject matter expert after crawling your highly organized website.

Why Silo Content?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is forever evolving, and right now, Google won’t rank your page for broad keywords unless it sees you as a subject matter expert. You may rank for narrow, specific keywords using basic SEO strategy, but without siloing your content, it’s hard to nail down that coveted position one on Google for broad terms.

When Google crawls your site, you want it to be like, “Damn, this site is authoritative on camping,” or whatever it is your site happens to be about.

To establish a site’s authority, Google requires that the site has a clear hierarchy. Like chapters in a book or folders in a filing cabinet, siloing groups the themed content on your site and is a sure-fire way to improve SEO performance.

How to Implement Siloing Into Your Website

Siloing content can be as simple as a plugin, but many out-of-the-box solutions ultimately fall short. There are a few WordPress siloing plugins out there that try to get it right, but when we implemented them on our clients’ websites, we found that standard plugins weren’t customizable and didn’t allow users to silo across content types.

So we took the bull by the horns and designed our own WordPress SEO siloing plugin.

Noble Neon SEO Siloing: For Better Hub and Spoke Site Architecture

Noble Studios takes out the optimization guesswork with our new Noble Neon SEO Siloing plugin.

Developed by some of the brightest minds in search marketing and web development, our plug-in is custom-built to classify across all content types and allows you to create and assign terms through the standard WordPress edit interface. Additionally, with the Noble Neon SEO Siloing plugin, each page’s URLs are generated based on the siloing classification terms provided. Easy peasy!

If that doesn’t take the cake, get this. The Noble Neon SEO Siloing plugin enables you to do bulk editing using WordPress tools. No need to learn some complicated new program. Our customized plugin blends seamlessly with native WordPress functions. It interacts with Yoast SEO Plugin to adjust your sitemaps automatically, so once it’s installed on the back-end of your website, siloing content across post types comes naturally.

The Difference With Our WordPress Siloing Plugin

Our siloing plugin has revolutionized SEO strategy by creating stronger site architecture for our clients’ sites.

While still new in the world, clients who have implemented the Noble Neon SEO Siloing plugin are seeing growth in organic search rates across the board. With clients who used it in a new site structure, organic traffic, which normally would drop up to 30 percent during the new site launch, saw no drop and even immediate improvement. Many have gone from being nonexistent on Search Engine Results Pages to claiming page one and position one keywords.

The impact of using siloing as part of your SEO strategy can’t be understated. If you’re interested in using the Noble Neon SEO Siloing plugin on your website and working with Noble Studios, a digital marketing agency that strives to “be better every day,” contact us directly and let’s collaborate on SEO solutions for your business!





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