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5 Reasons A CRM Is Key To Better Business Growth

February 5, 2020

Growing your business is one thing, but growing your business better is another.

HubSpot, the leading sales and inbound marketing software developer, recently wrote about why a CRM (customer relationship management software) is increasingly critical to a businesses’ ability to grow.

Why Do You Need a CRM?

CRMs operate as a central hub for all of a company’s information related to customers that are available across all departments. They enable you to track leads throughout their individual buyers journey to make for a more personalized and engaging experience across the sales process. But that’s just scratching the service.

1. Centralized Organization for Simplified Growth

A CRM stores and centralizes all information you have gathered on leads throughout the sales process, and updates the information you already have in real time. Your departments no longer have to spend hours just tracking down key and up to date information on leads — all with greater visibility into your sales pipeline.

2. Cross Platform Integration and Cross Team Collaboration

Leading CRM software providers such as HubSpot CRM integrate seamlessly with other sales and marketing platforms, so every interaction you have with a prospect across any number of channels is tracked, stored and made available across departments.

Sales and marketing teams no longer have to worry about duplicating information on leads, and instead share one another’s interactions to make a unified front for maximum benefit in the sales process.

3. Saving Time with More Efficient Workflows

No matter how complex you think your workflows may be, a CRM can automate, complete and organize different tasks to make everyone’s lives easier. HubSpot CRM offers a workflow tool that can segment workflows for a variety of tasks. Set up a create-contact based workflow for fresh new leads, or maybe a lead nurturing workflow for those already in your system.

4. Day-to-Day Task Automation

CRMs can enable you to prioritize your time and efforts elsewhere for maximum — you guessed it — efficiency throughout the sales process. They also automatically enter data, track customer service interactions, set up email marketing campaign sequences and so much more.

5. Simpler Analysis and Reporting

CRMs give you a holistic view into all of your sales and marketing efforts so you can view exactly where in the sales process you need to better refine your tactics. With such deep insights into what’s working and what isn’t, your sales and marketing departments are enabled to provide leads the most engaging experience throughout their buyer’s journey.

Experience Better Business Growth With Noble Studios

As a HubSpot partner, Noble Studios has helped countless businesses implement CRMs into their sales technology stacks, fully enabling and empowering companies to keep growing. Learn more about our B2B marketing services and contact us when you’re ready to find the right solution for your business.

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