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The Future of Display Advertising

February 12, 2020

We’re all familiar with those flashy ads in side bars in and embedded between paragraphs when navigating through your favorite website. The not-so-strategic strategy behind those tiresome display ads? Blasting a brand’s message anywhere and everywhere to see what would happen.

While some marketers still stand behind what Brad Bender of Google calls the “blast your story everywhere and see what happens philosophy,” we’re fans of things like intent-based audiences to get the right message to the right people at the right time on every platform. It’s all a part of creating valuable personally relevant experiences.

We think these three takeaways from Bender’s 15 years at Google in this Marketing Land article are a great indication of what’s to come in display advertising.

Automate and Scale

Delivering personally relevant ad experiences at the right moment increases the success of an ad. However, when you have hundreds or even thousands of customer segments, delivering those experiences each time can be quite time consuming.

Google offers Smart Display campaigns that assures the best possible message is reaching the intended audience at the perfect time through continuous optimization of audience settings, bids and creative assets.

Develop Great Creative

If you’re using Smart Display, don’t fret that your ads will have the same generic ad messaging or that you have to sacrifice all your creativity. In fact, the time you save from flipping campaigns on and off will often give you more time to develop killer creative assets. Focus your efforts on building impactful and diverse creative assets for campaigns and deliver relevant personalized ads at scale.


Google is no stranger to developing innovative solutions and products, like their ad format called conversational display ads. Such ads allow users to instantly receive answers about brands or products while browsing a site. Interactions with the display ads are more informal, and can provide valuable insight into a customer’s interest in your product or service.

Display Ads for the Future

Here at Noble, we pride ourselves on being change-huggers who are constantly seeking the latest and greatest tools and technologies to provide both inspiring and personally relevant experiences.

With machine learning technology, today’s latest innovations, and the ever-evolving expectations of today’s consumers, there is great opportunity to stand out from all the noise through new display advertising strategies and tactics.

Let us help you craft the perfect creative digital performance display ad strategy for your brand. Contact us.

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