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Noble Deeds: Ten Years of Pro Bono Digital Marketing Services

February 14, 2023

This year, Noble Studios is celebrating a decade of providing pro-bono digital marketing services to Nevada nonprofits, a milestone that represents more than $1.4 million in promotional benefits. Organizations that range from national park foundations to environmental causes, museums, education and fair housing have been part of the Noble Deeds program since 2013. 

This year’s grant application period runs from February 14, 2023 through February 24, 2023. Interested nonprofits should download and submit an application on the Noble Deeds page. 

Prior to Noble Deeds, the Noble Studios team would support charities through direct volunteer work. In 2013, the team found a greater and longer lasting impact could be achieved by doing what comes naturally – creative digital performance marketing.

“We found we could serve our communities by donating what we do best – our creative digital performance expertise,” said Kelsey Audas, Chair of Noble Deeds Committee. “The results for the nonprofits we have partnered with are significant, from increased brand recognition and community awareness to increased donations and funding. Every year it has been gratifying work for us, and in turn, it’s helped the organization better serve their constituents.” 

Noble Studios implemented a new SEO-driven content strategy and new expressions of their brand on digital for the 2022 winner, Communities in Schools (CIS) of Nevada. The new website will help CIS of Nevada more effectively serve the needs of the nearly 90,000 at-risk students they help throughout the western, southern and northeastern regions of Nevada.

Since inception, the team has donated thousands of hours of digital marketing services valued at more than $1.4 million since inception. Other past Noble Deeds winners include JOIN Inc. (2021), Green Our Planet (2020), SPCA of Northern Nevada (2019), and Crisis Support Services of Nevada (2018).

Apply for Noble Deeds

Think Noble Deeds could benefit a charity close to your heart?

The program is open to all Nevada 501(c)(3) nonprofits. Nonprofits can have a national presence but must be able to show significant work and impact in Nevada. 

All applicants have a two-week window to download and submit the Noble Deeds application, with finalists being selected for phone interviews by the end of March. 

The winner will be announced on April 10, 2023, or “Noble Deeds Day,” as dedicated by Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve in 2019. The winning Nevada charity will receive $200,000 in free creative digital performance marketing services. 

Interested nonprofits should visit Noble Deeds between February 14, 2023, and February 24, 2023 to download and submit an application. 

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